True, Diehard has his Message option disabled on findagrave most likely because he would receive much hate mail. He isn't the only findagrave member who needs to tend to their own business.

WHO CARES IF THERE ARE DUPLICATES?? Get a life and stop snooping, bullying and being busybodies!! If I want to add a family member I will since I have the correct information and pictures, and can add as I see fit without having to go through some second party who knows nothing about the family. I have read numerous Messages on findagrave complaining of incorrect information some second party added.

LET THE FAMILY HANDLE THEIR LOVED ONES MEMORIALS!! If I create a nonfamily member memorial and a their family asks that I Transfer Management I am more than happy to do so.

Location: Dallas, Texas

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Diehard (Jackie Wilson Goddard) is listed on Manta as the manager of the US Post Office Lenora, KS. I wonder if any US Postal inspectors are on findagrave, how would you like to work in that Post Office.


I was a member of findagrave for many years. I also was harrassed by contributors concerning duplicate memorials etc.

I was told to "delete" the memorials. Later to only find that my memorial had been added to another's name. This is not simply transfering a page for a grave. People have invested a great deal of time researching the person, writing bios and actually spending money sponsoring the grave.

Apparently there is some benefit to "managing" the most memorials. I suspect its because once you have created lots of memorials they want to make sure the memorial is not deleted because they will loose money. If you are not the "manager" you have no control over the page. They collect the "memorials" under their name even if they have no idea who the loved one was.

For those of us who create memorials for only direct relatives this is sad. I think its all about money. Some of the messages that I recieved were personally insulting, just rude and unprofessional behavior with personal attacks.(they know about you from your Bio) Each time I was contacted which was really "bully tactics" I noticed the member had thousands and thousands of "managed memorials" When I would contact an admin usually the problem was corrected or at least from my computer it looked like the problem was corrected. Use another computer and you will find out differently.

Even tho many many members would complain the Bully was never deleted from the site. The reason I suspect is that they have thousands of memorials under their name and the site is making a great deal of money from that member... another thought is that the "bully" is actually an admin wanting your memorials so that you will never delete the page thus causing them to loose money. I tried to create new accounts so that I was not bothered however everytime I would begin all over again under a new name the Bully would know the new name.

I realized this site traces your activity using the IP address from your computer. You wont see certain things using your own computer but use a different computer and you will see yourself listed as the "Bully's friend" After talking to a computer expert I realized that a normal member of the site would not have access to this knowledge or to be able to track you like this. I have come to realize that the members who Bully and insult are admins from the site using names to make you think that you are dealing with just another member. Why this would occur I just do not understand.

They are treating members that have provided data to their site that will enable them to earn money. (they sell adds for memorials you create) They also make money off of the people they "bully" because the people have paid to sponsor memorials of loved ones. So my advice is to use the site without registering. You can still view graves of loved ones if they have been entered.

If they have not been entered you probably would not want to enter them because when you do the site will earn money off of your parent etc's grave. Just remember when this happens to you that there are many many wonderful members of the site. All people that use this site have been hurt by death and only want a place to "remember" If you get a rude, insulting message I believe you need to remind yourself that this is probably NOT a member but the very people who run the site. I will never be a part of this site again.

Wish I could delete my family that they are making money on but of coarse I cant because they "manage" the memorials now I dont.

Sad. I would not even be surprised that they read these posts because they have your computers IP address if you have ever registered with them and they can track you like a business that sells adds.


Your multiple accts were not detected because of tracing IP's or anything else. They were found out because you are a fool and you admitted to making duplicate accounts.

This is not allowed. Your memorials did not appear under another members name. Hopewell, JMC, Wesley, HW, you made duplicates were deleted. The memorials under another members name were the original memorials.You should have mentioned that to your husband Dr.

William Curry from the University of Georgia, before he made an acct and started running his mouth all over the place. The true bullies were you and your husband. You started the drama when you posted on a number of profile pages to beware of a certain member. Big mistake.

Huge in fact.

More than one person complained about you after you did that. I have half a mind to send your husbands employer copies of his behavior on line.


This is Hopewell, I joined findagrave to research family and to create memorials for my parents who I loved very much and for my little brother who drowned and that death destroyed my family. It still hurts.

I met many wonderful people on the site and also saw graves of family that I would have never seen before. I totally trusted and loved findagrave for years. I was bullied, my profession as a teacher was insulted, and memorials were told to be deleted even tho I tried to explain why a family buried on a plantation that is now destroyed was "unknown" as to what the burial location would be. After my family had visited the site together the cemetery would have been named and "unknown" removed.

I did create another account because I did not want to receive insults again and again I did not start all of this and I just wanted to be left alone. No matter what name I created or what email my name, new and old was immediately added to the bully's list of "friends". This happened automatically as I watched it from a second computer. I would not show up on the list on my own computer but was there using a friend's computer.

A computer expert told me that for my name to keep showing up even with a new email that what was happening is that someone was tracking the IP address to my account and automatically attatching me to the bully list of friends. I personally asked this person to delete me from their friend list. They would not. A very kind admin helped me and deleted these accounts at my request.

I no longer have any active accounts. I spent a great deal of money sponsoring memorials and creating as accurate memorials as I could. All were related family members. I asked that these memorials also be deleted.

They were not so I have transfered them to friends.+ I admitted to my mistakes which I did not see as being foolish only honest. I also was deleted by this kind administrator from the Bully's friend list. I did make a mistake because the bully had upset me. I thought a very important memorial had been taken from me.

I realized my mistake, contacted the member who created the memorial and begged forgiveness. I had a feeling that all of this would be used against me so I created a name that was not real for a husband. Just as I had suspected as in the message above I was threatened that my husband's job could be in danger by sending copies etc... The message above proves completely what I was saying about being bullied.

There is NO william curry at the UGA . The Bio however is of a famous professor at UGA. I promise that I will never use the findagrave website again. It has hurt too much.

In a way I am sad because I feel that the bully who hurt me has also been hurt by death and maybe that is why they are so angry. Ive actually talked with other members and asked them to pray for the bully. I think they are as hurt by death as I have been. I can just feel it.

I do know that this person is an excellent writer and maybe gets upset because our writing is not as well developed when we create a memorial. Maybe this is why he wants them deleted. I have no hard feelings at all. I just have realized that I do not want to spend any more of my life fussing with people I dont even know.

The very people who I loved and created the memorials for would not want me to mistreat or say ugly things to people I dont even know. That would not honor their memory. I thought it was a site to remember loved ones meet new friends and add knowledge to our life. It was to a great extent very meaningful to me.

I will publicly say this if I have hurt anyone please forgive me.

I do not want to ever become a bully myself. I have no hard feelings its just so strange that after two years of work it had to end like this.


So your sticking with the "I was bullied line" You admit that the VILE posts made by your "husband" were actually YOU. You are not only the bully but a sick and twisted person.

You need to hit your knees and pray for a cure for your mental illness. YOU were a teacher? Lying, cheating and vile accusations are those the ideas you instilled in young minds? Your a fool if you think that ip tracing is going on.

You broke the rules, you didn't like that a member called you out on it, NOT BULLIED, but brought it to your attention and asked that you follow the rules. YOU threw a public bash session. YOU are banned. The other member is NOT.

Says a whole lot.

Many people that you left your little speech for COMPLAINED ABOUT YOU TO AJ. I am sure he was more than willing to get rid of you.


Sorry.... she was not banned.

AJ is on to YOU.. We were told that YOU will be banned by AJ. His direct words to us....

You have driven more decent people off of this site.

Everyone of your comments show just what a Name calling baby you are. Talk about Complaints... you are the #1 complaint on this site. Everyone knows exactly who you are.


Click on. One of diehards memorials click the edit tab and send her hate mail her name is Jackie Wilson goddard


Dont bother the dead with insults to Diehard.

She is a FOOL. Admins told my friend in a private email that

they are VERY aware of her.

They are soon going to have to make her change her name AGAIN... My friend wont have anything to do with this site because of her. The admins are sick of her running off people that sponsor lots of memorials.

The admin AJ is really on to her. They are just too nice there to hurt her.


The admin do not comment about one member to another. Ever.

No one has made Diehard change her name. If it is changed, that is by her choice, never at at the admins insistence. Hopewell, you are disgustingly transparent when you comment multiple times trying not to sound like it is you. Members of the forums called it, your a loon.

Perhaps you should make another new account and use the name Sybil. :x


Believe it or not. I am a friend of the person that you are talking about.

I can tell you this AJ or whatever admin is in New York. Hopewell has not been a member of the findagrave site since you all would not help her with Diehard. I believe she asked you several times for your help. She never did one thing to this site except support it.

They are even using personal info about her in these comments (the death of her brother) She even did not want that Bully in trouble. Im reading all of this because another member told me that her name keeps comming up in these complaints. Before you call someone a loon be sure they will read this and you know what you are talking about The Loon is the person that you protect. Whoever is using the Hopewell name needs to "Give it Up" Hopewell even asked you people to delete all of her accounts.

What bothers me is that you people are so quick to judge. Just because someone signs Hopewell does not mean its them. And one more thing... she transfered her memorials to friends and now even the friends are getting bullied.

This is a sick place. So believe what you want. Im her friend but wont be reading any more comments. Apparently you people stalk more sites than findagrave.

The NERVE of you all. You are right there is a "Sybil" but its the people that you protect.

Im following Hopewell. Im not wasting one more minute of my time with this TRASH Now go to your little forums and decide who the next person will be that you insult and abuse.


Oh my Gosh Did you know those people at findagrave now have degrees in psychology? Thats a major step because most of them do not even have a high school degree.

I guess in their little forums they pretend to be Sigmund Freud. Amazing Talent.


You just mentioned Diehard by name. You just commented on one member to another.

Get your lies straight. :eek


I am not an admin at Find A Grave. So if I comment on one member to any person, it doesn't mean squat.

I have screen prints of ALL the comments JMC, Hopewell, Wesley, etc. made on member pages.

She is a LOON! Call the gatekeeper another one of your personalities is loose.


Email from Admin Concerning Bully Behavior

He/She has no authority or ability to force you to do anything. If he/she does anything like leave insulting flowers or pictures on your pages that would violate findagrave policy then we would step in.


Is this your screen shot? "If you receive a rude message asking you to delete memorials check and see if you are listed under this member's friend list.

They track you and try to get you to delete your memorials? Well I checked and the messge was correct. Take me off of your friends list. Im sick of getting your messages.

And don't just block my name from my computer when I check to see if I am on the friend's list.

Take me off her list. Manage your own memorials.

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