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This year, there was a suicide in our area.As the deceased is a distant relation through marriage, I created and sponsored a lovely, respectful memorial that I felt our side of the family could be proud of viewing.

Two weeks later, a 13 year account created a duplicate memorial and used his link to harass the decedent's family. He posted on online forums begging people to leave comments for the family, turning our cousin's death into a sick little popularity contest for him. We reported him to site administration and, instead of banning him or deleting his page, they merged it wanted that. Now our nice little page is full of those nasty vulgar comments and we can't remove any of them !

The last straw, the insult to injury, they locked down the page! We can't edit or update any information on the memorial! We can't add or change any of our family member's picture. We did nothing wrong and we were penalized over the immaturity and harassing behavior of another person.

I will never give this site a dime again.The only reason I haven't deleted all my pages and left that place is because I can't bear to see our loss turned into a circus again.

Review about: Find A Grave Account.

Reason of review: Action taken w/o our permission.

Preferred solution: Better practices. We did nothing wrong here but we got shafted..

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Well, the final chapter: they again removed from my care the memorial I created and paid to sponsor to another person whom I assume to be from the family. I'm not going to pout over our ownership being revoked but it is sad that we were treated so badly by the site and the person trolling the rest of the family was never penalized. I don't feel that my business is wanted by so I will comply with their wishes and refrain from using their service or spending money with them.

to Se***d update #1316502

I agree--why deal with liars and thieves! Enough is enough! Who needs to deal with looters, polluters and hoarders!


Well, an update.They gave us back the ability to edit the page but we are still stuck with those hateful comments and the troll person is still a site member.

We never got an apology, either.This is probably as close to 'resolved' as we can hope.

to Our family #1311235

Some of the people their who do spread sheets try to bully other people around as if were they were the ones who invented and discovered findagrave.Like someone else once said ; there are some very twisted people hanging out there who deliberately try to pick fights with serious contributors.

They are emotionally disturbed and are better ignored.

Sadly!!!!some people never reach adult hood__ They are genuine idiots!

to Kim #1315757

Even worse, there are some contributors on this site who are jealous of other contributors because they have better family history. These lowlifes deliberately set out to ruin the genealogy of other members and also call themselves genealogists. They are down right ignorant people/// and are the overloaded heap of a smelly trash sack!


I made a typo. " We reported him to site administration and, instead of banning him or deleting his page, they merged it *without asking if we* wanted that. "

to Anonymous #1302572

It happens all the time!There are people there on this site who have been contributors (HOARDERS) for over a decade who sit around there all day, every day with empty memorials with OLD ENTRY DATES!

These fools then have the nerve to go steal the information from a newly entered memorial by someone else who has good intentions ---- then they go confiscate all the information from the newly made memorial---AND YELL DUPLICATE!Corruption and big lying thieves!

to Anonymous #1315734

That is the standard method of dealing with two memorials for the same person, as stated in Find A Grave's Help section.

to Dedicated Graver #1318667

This wasn't a standard case. They said the 2nd memorial was used to troll the family. Merging it was ***.

to Dedicated Graver #1328829

Thieves are unacceptable!They belong in jail with the rest of the criminals who roam this earth!

If they can steal a memorial on *** then they are probable good store thieves as well.

Hoarders and looters all go together!Total lowlifes!

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