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Some unfortunate newbie unknowingly threw up the Bat Signal when she asked a simple question in the Help Forum. As usual the same Flying Monkeys swarmed her with the usual arrogant, nasty answers. They succeeded in driving her off the boards but then a few pages later 2 more unsuspecting newbies made statements/asked questions. Wait for it...wait...in 5,4,3,2,1 and cue the Flying Monkeys. The same people are back quoting FAQs, jumping around with their skirts over their heads trying to get attention from JIM TIPTON and the admins. "Look at me, look at me! I know the Primary, Secondary and Tertiary reason for Find A Grave! I obviously have a lot of time on my hands because I add thousands of Memorials, make me an Admin toooooo!!" It is actually hilarious to watch them try to outdo each other.

These Hoarders (see Flying Monkeys) constantly whip themselves into a frenzy, usually it is kick started by someone mentioning that some people are "in it for the numbers ", Bat Signal goes up. From there the Hoarders steer the discussion to how virtually everyone (except them of course) on FindAGrave is there to fill in their family tree or somehow try and beat the system (Eye Roll). They go on for pages about the Photo thieves (don't post them if you don't want anyone taking them duh) , "Ploppers", "The Gimme Grabbers" "Dupers" "Name Collectors" and on and on…and on…and on but do not call THEM Hoarders. They are NOT Hoarders, oh no siree, they are simply adding data to a Grave Registration site because that's how JIM TIPTON (say his name with reverence, like they do, cause, ya know, you just never know when he could single you out and reward you with the coveted admin position but I digress…) intended the site to be when he first created it. (Viagra was intended to be a High Blood Pressure med, but I am fairly certain the primary reason has been superseded by the Secondary and Tertiary reasons, wouldn't you agree?)

Maybe one of the Hoarders can plead with JIM TIPTON to disable pictures, linking and biographical information for each memorial since that is what is drawing the Game Grabbers, well I'm pretty sure they think of themselves as family or the very least descendants, but the Horders view them as thieves, just trying to steal one of their precious numbers….or photos. The Hoarders must be exhausted, constantly on the watch for anyone who might try to mess with their Hoard.

If they weren't Hoarders they would always transfer to a family member "outside of guidelines" and if the original memorial was deleted after the transfer and resubmitted by said family member just to screw them out of the credit, so what? Apparently this happens to them ALL THE TIME. The idea is to register the grave right? It shouldn't matter who gets the credit. Apparently, it does because the Hoarders spend hours in the Forums seeking validation from each other by discussing ad nauseum the people who "won't take no for an answer" and "refuse to play by the rules".

Their obsession with those who "refuse to play by the rules" is particularly ironic since not long ago there was a thread about certain cemeteries that will not allow pictures of headstones to be taken. Apparently the Hoarders are not going to "take no for an answer" they all went on about the clever ways to take pictures without the staff catching you, hilarity ensued when they took turns describing how sneaky they were in getting the picture of said head stone, good times. Fortunately the Hoarders have a double standard for themselves, they "refused to play by the rules" of the cemetery and were able to jack up their photo numbers too.

Say it with me …H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-S-Y

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Totally agree. They're like the republicans of Find A Grave.

A lot of those members are a pathetic lot. Jim Tipton must be laughing all the way to the bank.


I did not know how upset people were getting about me using different names on this website. I assumed because the site tracks the town and state people would be able to identify my posts.

In July something was wacky with the site.All my posts are listed under Madison Wisconsin from July 1, 2012 to July 27,2012 On July 28 it changes to Minneapolis, Minnesota. I will now stick to using one name to help you all out but if I forget remember all of July Madison WS and Minneapolis Minnesota to date.

PS Its not very nice to call people corpse hoarders and flying monkeys :sigh


Hmmm.... Anita Bracken uses names like this: flying monkeys, cronies, corpse hoarders..so isn't that the kettle calling the pot black??

I found your blog and all though you claim anita bracken uses these terms I can not help but point out that there is no reference of her using them?

I see here that you created them.

you are using them. Do you have something going on that causes you to project your own behavior on to someone else and claim it to be repulsive.


Miss Kitty, (is that an homage to your 19 cats?) Little tin cup.....Oooooo good one, you really put me my place. I guess you have the last word on this, I simply cannot compete with your edgy wit.

Now that you have set us all straight you job here is done. Get off the computer for 10 minutes, go outside, breathe the fresh air, feel the sun on your face. You remember the sun right?

Pssssst, I'm a girl.

Kitty S

@ TheyWalkAmongUs you're right they do and you're one of them...Now be a good boy and hold your little tin cup out and I'll put some pennies in it for you!! :)

Kitty S

Aww gee...Listen to the whiners want some cheese with that whine? Sounds to me you(Koda and theywalk) have a serious problem...You know gimme gimme gimme then when you don't get your way you come here and whine and cry about it...Oh boo hoo poor poor you! Grow up!!


Oh and I failed to mention - that was done without a word to me. I didn't know it had taken place until I DISCOVERED it.


I only wish they WOULD "ban" me. They took my $15.00 for sponsorship of 3 memorials I created then gave them to a "HOARDER" because he wanted them for his "Cemetery Collection".

Those 3 were direct Ancestors of MINE. So now it looks as though I'm "sponsoring" (at $5.00 each) 3 memorials that it now LOOKS as though I didn't create.




@Kenny D.

From reading your comment below it is apparent that English is a second language. Just wanted to let you know that A LOT is two words.


[B]Richard Pea[/B] :cry I think you are leave alot out that you created duplicate memorials and your were warned, but you kept on pushing the issue, that is why you were ban, so stop sling false information. :x



What? :?


With a little luck, your cantankerous families were probably already forgotten by the community. Only some unsuspecting person trying to tastefully memorialize "everyone" in some way would be *** enough to tread into your cemetery.


I'm disgusted with the people at Findagrave.com that think its ok to take a picture of my ancestors headstone then turn around and tell me that I need to ASK them if I can use it on my family tree.... REALLY?

So I said something and now I got banned and my profile deleted. What jerks...



I have never gone to the forums and posted or "preached" about anything, so your theory about my original complaint is wrong, but thanks for playing.

I do want to thank you for your use of the phrase "smack down", it reminded me that I wanted to write a positive review of the Admins at Find a Grave. When I saw how they handle Hoarders like yourself, my first thought was that the Hoarders were getting a long over due "beat down" and then you incorrectly assumed that I got a "smack down", crazy huh? Twinsies!

What the Find A Grave Admins did to the Horders was epic :grin I'll be sure to post that positive review later tonight. Thanks DUH!



I don't remember what the original thread was called where they discuss not following the rules for the cemeteries. However, in a stunning display of hypocrisy there is a newer thread on the Help Forum called "Dealing with Cemeteries that require permission" It's on page 3 or 4 now, thread started July 4th I think.

The Hoarders have the unmitigated gall to offer up tips for "not playing by the rules" such as hiding your camera in a bouquet of flowers, NEVER reveal to cem staff that you are putting pics online etc. Their lack of self awareness is unreal, yet they will speak with such authority about copyright laws, FAQs and guidelines.


Dear Duh: I don't think that adding the cemetery photos as mentioned above is following the rules. You must be one of "gracious volunteers" that was doing that. You need help.


@ Duh

Whatever Hoarder. Go clean your house, when was the last time you changed the cat litter?

When will your episode air on A&E? Do they mention that you hoard dead people too?


@Duh you are obviously a findagrave cronie.

Julie, is that you?


Obviously the original complaint was written by someone who has gotten a smack down because they go to the forums and preach about how they handle things. Thinking that others must do the same.

The site has guidelines. The forums have guidelines. The people your complaining about are following them.

Really if you don't like the rules you don't have to go there.

KOKO is that you?


What a bunch of crazy hypocrites. Does anyone know which cemeteries these were and what "contributors" were bragging about adding these photos?

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