I love that there is a site to locate graves. etc.

And the fact that this is free is huge. It costs so much to join other info sites that used to be free. That said, I have a small complaint. I found the family I was searching for.

Most of them are in the same cemetery. And although it was a Happy Dance moment I ended up very frustrated. I need to contact the "manager" of these pages and she has closed her messages. Now how am I suppose to get ahold of her with my information and request for more family history?

I can't. She was my only hope after years of searching. And I could not pick up the phone and call FAG for help. Sending an email is only a solution if there is someone reading it and responding quickly.

So, happy but, very sad at this point.

I have hit a dead end and you are in a position to help. Will you?

Product or Service Mentioned: Find A Grave Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You CAN contact the memorial manager. In the upper right-hand corner of each memorial page is a button that says "Edit." Click that, then select "Suggest any other correction," the sixth option down.

That will allow you to send an email to the memorial manager.

You complained about Find A Grave when you couldn't even be bothered to read the FAQs or log into the Forum. You then got in a snit because Admin didn't respond quickly to your email. A big reason email responses take so long on the site is folks like yourself who can't be bothered reading the guidelines or asking community members for help.

There was no reason to go to Admin with this. You could have solved your own issue AND not looked stupid in public.


Your replies are extremely vitriolic; a 'snit' ? And the talk about 'going to admin' ?

Are you an employee because this is very unprofessional behavior. I'm guessing this is a site employee who is (understandably) overwhelmed but decided to handle the frustration rather poorly.


Very doubtful an employee would be posting here. Perhaps LongTimer is just frustrated by the constant complaints by people who never bother to click links to find the solution to their own problem in the "Help with Find A Grave" (or, the FAQs); instead of clicking a link, the OP wants to call the company. That's exactly why they DON'T publish a phone number!!

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