Memorial # 1352**** Donald C Carter. Manager dumper Marylin W.

473****. If you don't find some one to manage, this will sit with out a manager at the helm. If I had wanted the job, I would have asked to do it.

Never was interested. Thought Marylin knew something about the man my father met in France after they both got shot down in WWII.

User's recommendation: Remove me as a member of Find A Grave!

Location: Gardnerville, Nevada

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Kris K

Gave information to manager Marilyn W #473**** on Donald C Carter memorial # 13525****. Then asked if she had more information on Donald to help me in my search.

The response was to dump the management job on me. Well, not doing it so it will sit without someone managing now and in the future.

I would assume you would want someone interested! Remove me from Find A Grave.

@Kris K

There is a way to transfer management to Find a Grave. When Find A Grave is listed as a manager, you can request to manage it via edit.

Try the transfer management button at the bottom of the page and enter the ID # 8.

I believe that is the ID # for Find a Grave. Or you could transfer it back to whoever sent it to you by entering their ID #.

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