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Find a grave says that membership is free and that you can sponsor a loved one's site and post pictures. They do not have a complete set of rules anywhere on the site. They make them as they go. Instead of helping and being understanding to other's grief they...
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poor ignorant larry must be a newbie and is not aware that the faq's have changed several times over the years they are "frequently ask questions" they are NOT RULES!

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On find a grave they let you sponsor a memorial then they will nit pick you to death about pictures and flowers that others leave . they are very inconsiderate. the admins on the site are extremely rude and obbnoxious to you, they will not e-mail you back and if they...
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Well I am very new to the site. There is one member I find disturbing.

She is over my grandmother’s memorial off my biological father’s side. After looking at her bizarre & *** profile I wouldn’t want her to have anything to do with any of my family member’s memorials. She has an extremely rude list of rules on her page saying what we can & can’t post on the memorials she creates. Then one of her virtual cemeteries she made is of others people’s children & babies that passed away.

That’s extremely disrespectful I feel to the families that lost their children. I was wondering how I could get her to get ride of the memorial & I just create a new one for my grandmother. I also got lead to here after googling it what sponsoring meant on the site since I see someone has even sponsored the memorial this woman made. I guess it shouldn’t hurt just to make my own memorial later?

It will have more details & actual pictures of my grandmother unlike the one this lady made. I am glad to know ahead of time what goes on now. Good to note not to contact the admins of the page. I honestly didn’t know any of this.

So far that’s the only problem I have come across on the site. Someone I don’t feel comfortable with being over a family member’s memorial.

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