Find A Grave 2018 Forced Correction

Henry King Odom - 3745****

In 2009 Cecelia Stewart (#4711****) created a Find A Grave Memorial (#3745****) for a person titled Henry King Odom. It ran for 9 years with the incorrect data.

When confronted with the true facts Cecelia Stewart did not / would not willingly make the corrections to the Henry King Odom biography.

In January 2018 Cecelia Stewart was made to remove her incorrect version of Henry King Odom biography in the recorded Henry King Odom's Find A Grave Memorial.

Cecelia Stewart was at the same time made to use as the replacement of the factual true biography written by Henry King Odom's grt-granddaughter . This was 9 years after Cecelia created the incorrect data but not before Family Search.com (ChristineHB7 - 2015) along with 30 Odom Family Trees had put Cecelia Stewart's incorrect data into their ancestry tree. Fact: Tristram Odom was Henry King Odom's UNCLE. This data in this new biography profile is an accurate & factual account of the son of James W.

Odom, Jr.

and Rebecca Odom. ...By Nancy Craig Solt

Product or Service Mentioned: Find A Grave Website.

Location: Summerville, South Carolina

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