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It is beyond my comprehension how this site is run, and by whom. Controversial, bigoted, hateful famous people have the ability to receive rememberances, yet people that are not controversial are not.

Case in point: Dr. William Luther Pierce the III. You know, the *** who bankrolled murders of Jewish people through "The Order", a white terrorist group. This leads me to believe: you are either being paid off to feature these types of slimeballs, you are mentally unbalanced or you possess no soul.

There are other hate group leaders on this site, catering to the garbage and you allow other Neo *** to comment freely on how "great" they were. For God's sake, show some heart. You make me puke. Hate crime is strictly enforced in America.

It is against the law.

I am reporting you, and you can bet your sorry *** you have given me A LOT of evidence. Have a not nice day.

Review about: Find A Grave Website.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Against the law?? Hilarious!!


It's called free speech and what you are asking for is censorship. Good luck.

to Anonymous #1368059


However, some contributors are a bit horrifying...LOL! Actually you could say they are not wired properly.

to Disconnected #1373144

The ones who hangout there all day and all night are lonely souls.

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