Green Bay, Wisconsin

I have been doing Genealogy for many years. I am against people like Andrew Daft and wanting to charge for information.

I believe that if you want to know about your family you should have that right. Andrew Daft feels that if someone posts a memorial and it has no real details that's ok. I have no right to post a more complete memorial. I'm thinking he wants to see you pay for it.

Andrew Draft is a Find A Grave member! I'm thing Andrew Daft is an employee of or at least a commisioned worker for them!

Product or Service Mentioned: Find A Grave Genealogy Record.

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Easy enough to accidentally make a duplicate memorial. The search engine was never designed to handle 116 million names.

I search 10 ways before and after adding a memorial and still get a few that were duplicates that didn't show up when I searched. Too many times search won't let me find a memorial I made.


I had that problem a number of times, until I found out that I made a typing error when I set up the memorial. Just one mis-typed letter in a name will mess up your search.


Many of the Find A Grave supporters are very sad individuals. It makes sense that you all cling to a website like it was your family :sigh

The FACT is "Jimmy Tipton" has made millions from thousands of foolish F.A.G.

members information under the guise of being "helpful".

I just read the news release regarding acquiring Find A Grave. I also visited the F.A.G. forum and members are angry and stating they will be removing all of their photos etc..

They "NOW" feel duped...really just "NOW" because "Jimmy Tipton" is making a business decision that will net him millions more. F.A.G. members are idiots why blame "Jimmy Tipton" for their ignorance.

I also did a property search and found the homes "Jimmy Tipton" owns in Utah.

You idiots are just mad because he used simple minded members to do the hard work while he sat back and set up servers to hold all that data all the while raking in millions of dollars with little to no overhead with "Free" labor by you idiots while you all cling to his propaganda of how without Find A Grave and the hero "volunteers/gravers" mission, history would be lost, as if no one else has records of graves and a desire to not have them posted on the internet, esp. by strangers along with any other personal information they want to add.

@Find A Grave Is Revolting

if they were doing something out of kindness to help others it does not make them an ***. I agree Jim Tipton is definitely smart on how he was able to get people to work for free and profit.


this is why f.a.g. has a c- rating with the bbb. tipton is profiting off of the backs of all those ignorant so called volunteers what a bunch of saps.


Get a life, toad. You have no idea how find-a-grave works and should close your pie hole.


How old are you?


you are so wrong it is ridiculosis


I completely agree for years I spent time visiting courthouses, churches obtain genealogy information and now my research has been taken by others and posted on these genealogy sites without crediting me. Jim Tipton found a way to exploit peoples good nature under the guise of helping others and all the while profiting from foolish volunteers.

He is a bad bad man! I agree with the commenter that stated he was mormanmoron.

@stop the exploitation

I think it is important to understand that if you put something on the internet on public websites then you have put it there for the purpose of sharing not for fame. Thank you for being so kind.


I'm thinking you're ignorant about Find A Grave and how it works.

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