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I am a long time Findagrave searcher and was very happy with the old website. The new one is not nearly as helpful as the old one.

Why? 1. I cannot find a map or directions to the cemetery as the old one had. 2.

Looking up a cemetery is difficult. The site is too "busy" with unnecessary clutter that most people won't use. 3. There is no selection or listing for cemeteries by the same name but different locations, like the old site gave.

4. I don't like the format for looking up other family members who are buried at one cemetery. In other words, like everything else "updated" by techies, most of us will not be using this "new and improved" (NOT!) Findagrave website.

I hope you are happy with yourselves! You've ruined it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Find A Grave Website.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Find A Grave Pros: I used to love it using the old web site.

Find A Grave Cons: No directions or map locator on new website.

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Agree! Stopped using it too.


I've been a member of FAG for 17 years. I HATE the new Website (it's fugly) and won't be using it!

The old Website was great!

Don't fix what isn't broken. This is what destroyed Myspace...changing a great Website into a whole other place.


i hate that the changed the whole site...what was wrong with the old wasn't broken so why mess with it.


I agree with this Pissed Consumer. I am almost 80 years old and I could copy and paste the old memorials easily with the parents and children, etc.

into my genealogy program and this one I can't do that with.

It's so much harder to understand except for a few basics. It wasn't broken, so why try to fix it?


please go back to the old site. the new one is useless and has lost the info that was on the old one.

i will not use it again. thank you.


I totally agree! HATE, HATE, HATE the new Findagrave!


new site is disaster and ugly and put in name or death dates or birth dates nothing shows wow doesn't that tell you something get rid of it !!!!!!!!!!! ----at least old site works with everything............old site tells the truth................


I hate the new findagrave site too


Ditto on the hatred thing Scott Barnard


I, too, hate the new site. But Ancestry owns it now and there is no telling them how to run their business. We pay good money to be members of Ancestry, they should listen to their consumers.


They took a perfectly good site and made it very un-user friendly. basically ruined it.

There was nothing wrong with the interface. How many contributors do you think you will lose doing this?

The old site was so so nice. Please, bring it back.


The new site may be "prettier," but it certainly is less user friendly. Searches are significantly more cumbersome and take more time. User functionality has also been negatively impacted by the new format/design.


New site is so terrible. The old site was much better!


I agree Cindy, its become a crazy frustrating site, even more now when I use my tablet, a pop up now blocks my ability to type. I now have to click it off or stroll around.

I had written them about it, but they gave me an answer, "will need to advertise" . They already have made a huge change to where it's a lot bigger, they dont need to shove it any more. Yes, am thinking about leaving.

Plus it ugly and one of my friends thinks it to difficut to understand. Its not a plus.


There is a map, there just isn't a red dot to mark the cemetery. The geographic coordinates are listed so you can google them.

I am frustrated too and I contribute a lot - like, a full-time job without pay.

It will be a pain to get used to the new format and I have the same complaints as everyone else, but I must admit that some of the changes are actually improvements. I DO like that you can request changes to several fields at once and that the limit of 5 pictures per memorial has been lifted. You can add as many photos as you like!

I have sent requests to admin to merge cemeteries, add locations to cemeteries already listed, and other random things and have actually been impressed with how quickly they have taken care of things. Maybe I am very clear and very polite with my requests and have been responded to in kind.

I was gathering this data before I found out about findagrave and could not have organized it with easy access in any other software that I looked into.

It's free and I benefit as much as ancestry does from having access to the database and the information.

I will certainly roll with the punches and expect that they will be tweaking some details now and then to improve what seems pretty messy now.


@Amy Levesqe

In fact, the pain has already begun. When I enter data on Findagrave I feel like I've been scrolling for miles.

And so, my right index finger is aching. Perhaps it's contracted carpal finger syndrome! Oh my gosh! On a good day I might have added 70 to 100 names, with their photos.

Were I to attempt the same amount with this new format, my finger would either cramp up and die, or fall right off.

This fresh new torture is taking most of the pleasure out of it. The marginal improvements (lists now alphabetical, drag-drop photos, more editing options) don't make up for the extra time and effort needed to produce an entry. Those things are better because they are more compact, or streamlined. Things that are too far apart make everybody crazy.

It seems rather obvious. So obvious I can't believe the designer(s) didn't realize this, so it must be on purpose. Anything with twice the clicking and ten times the scrolling is not a step in the right direction. Have they really never heard of a "Go to top of page" button?

Did nobody mention that memorial numbers in the form of an image are not helpful in the least? Really?

Somebody pointed out that the new format is easier to use on a tablet or phone, and that may be true. It is a pain.

A royal pain. And I wonder where the pain will end up next.