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As a Find A Grave member myself, it pains me to hear so many negative experiences from people. As with any community, it is unfair to make general statements about an entire group. I am aware that not every member shares the same level of respect, but I take pride in preserving history and people's stories. I have created memorials for my own family members as well as receiving transfers. But not everyone is willing to transfer memorials because some have been deleted after such work was put into them.

I enjoy assisting people looking for relatives or friends who may not live near the cemeteries I do. Too much fascinating history is at risk for being lost and my Find A Grave work is a way for me to blend my passion for genealogy and history. The 2 go hand in hand naturally. I resent being referred to as a hoarder or vulture or meanie as I've read in this forum. I am anything but, and again apologize for those who have had such encounters and dealings.

Jennifer Dickinson

You can find me by that name on Find A Grave and ~

Perhaps I can assist you and share a more positive

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Reason of review: Not all of us are BAD.

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Jennifer, a very good post by you and as a Find A Grave volunteer myself, and a 20+ year genealogist, I appreciate those that are reputable. I would like to offer one correction to what you posted.

Find A Grave rules state that relatives within 4 generations should be transferred to legitimate family members and if the original contributor refuses to make the transfer, just contact Find A Grave through one of it's many email addresses delineated in their FAQ area of their site.

I have never had a problem with them and I have transferred and requested transfers many times. Even those outside of the 4 generation guideline I have been able to get the original contributor to transfer to me after I explained my reasoning.

Good Hunting to You!


You are "sorry" and a vulture! You are a grave vampire too!


Hahaha Kari you got you pathetic rant deleted!!!! Awesome job pissed consumer....Thank you for deleting Kari Norstog.


"But not everyone is willing to transfer memorials because some have been deleted after such work was put into them." There is absolutely NO excuse for hoarding numbers on find a grave which is supposed to be about memorials of the dead, not about history or a hobby for anyone. Perpetrating cruelty such as this extortion of money for sponsoring, or even caring about the deletion by a relative has to stop.

We respect the dead in this country, and we honor the surviving family by NEVER encroaching as anyone who refuses a transfer or resents a deletion does. No better than the westboro baptist church of ***.

No better! If enough people complain to eventually this will stop!

@Peaky Blinders


@Peaky Blinders

"extortion of money for sponsoring" When have you been extorted for money? Paying the $5 is completely voluntary.

I have given $10 to FG because I wanted to add more picture to my husbands memorial and my grandmothers memorial. No one twisted my arm or made me write a bad check. I was never extorted for the money.

You just need to get off FG if this is how you feel. It is evidently not for you.