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There is a woman who manages my sister's find a grave and I have asked her not to post certain photos and she won't stop. It is my sister, and I should be the one who manages her site, not this woman

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I can not get one of my accounts open on findagrave need help bm doc

to bm doc #1551684

"one of my accounts"??? You're only supposed to have ONE.

to bm doc #1563491

They are ok with it because i have added alot of graves. We take alot of pride in our mcpeak family, I put alot of history per family records on fag, I will add a full page of census records that way others do not have to buy ancestry.

They can just go to my page. I wish they would help me unlock my bm-doc account or give me a new pass word. Ijust have been using the 3 accounts but i need all them. The 4th account 4- doc i added 600 plus graves but i do not use it much so i do not count it.

We have done so much research my mother and i have on the mcpeak , york and daniels families. some one had our memorial merged we lost a research of work that was history per family notes. I use my mother's account she is not able she is almost -----. Can i get someone to help get these accounts open.

if you are a mcpeak, york daniels would you go ask for the graves and then transfer them to us i can give you 6000 graves. I just need my mcpeak york and daniel graves back

to doc #1564074

Ah why was the accounts locked to start with. Just ask under the 4 -doc account or the account with York, Daniels ,Mcpeak graves to be transferred to the graves where you have 6000 graves. good luck

to doc #1576627

No, Find A Grave is NOT okay with having more than one account. When they find out, your multiple accounts will be merged...and you may not have control of any of them (in other words, you might get yourself banned).

to DareGreatly #1580358

The bm doc account has been locked for 3 months it's my grandparents So I feel like they are fine with it ,As long as I get it back I can still use my other accounts I do one in my mom name and my name that way I can turn rude members in on one of the other accounts .. some one has messed up and locked it can you help tell me what to tell them to get it unlocked. ooxxoxox is that a code if you are friends with a girl that can unlock my memorials help greedy

to DareGreatly #1601929

changed it to BC DC Family 4 Doc might have been a give a way But I want the bm doc unlocked May be by Christmas lets hope it gets unlocked

to bm doc #1598527

46983123 49501485 48122790 49507716 49478282 Two of them are locked.? Are these the account you are speaking of , I do not think Debbie Dash would go against find a grave Just ask for the accounts to be as one and do not make so many accounts . Debbie Dash might say her sparks out on her bio but think your up a creek with out a paddle if you do use these 5 accounts


Just report her, you can do that..I did when I found out someone posted my aunts memorial on find a grave when she's very much alive lol

to CandidBird #1511379

Who is the contribuitor that has your sister's memorial? I really wanna know who is she.


Hi. I'm very sorry that you have problems on FAG.

It is not the first time that a contributor is doing something mal intencioned. I would like to know your sister's memorial number. I have to see who is that woman who manages your sister's memorial.

You would like give it to me? I'm also tyred about that bad persons on FAG.

to Alex Jurjescu #1512523

Why do you need to know who it is? So you can harass them?If this person wants to manage their sister's memorial they can follow the rules and request a transfer, not whine on here.

to Whiner Slayer #1512721

You sound like a person who harasses and then runs people off the site.

to SanctimoniousWhine #1513178

Who of both? Whiner or me? If you say that about me, I am not that way.

to SanctimoniousWhine #1514301

LOL.Whiners just call everyone bullies because they can't/won't follow very clear rules. Instead of whining on here, why not just request a transfer? DUH

to Anonymous #1514566


to SanctimoniousWhine #1519501

AGREEING WITH YOU---- It's very sad when people who go around bulling others like WhinerSlayer, which is a very dumb name ! He/she sounds like they are into kids video game and forgets that this forum is for complaining. DA!

to Whiner Slayer #1513177

If will be like that, you care about it? Well, I don't wanna harass nobody, just if they start fight with me. I wanna know who is because I know a big part of contributors from the site, I wanna know with who am I dealing.

to Whiner Slayer #1514051

Eh? I think you just turned into a real donkey!

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