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I LOVE FindaGrave. I rave about it all the time.

The creator provided a great service to one and all. That said I've run into inactive memorial managers - no contact information at all or they simply don't answer request. In the past month or so I was able to get a memorial transferred to me. Now however I can't simply e-mail FindaGrave without jumping through hoops setting up accounts that I would never use for any reason.

Why can't there simply be a service group with a hyperlink for contacting? Enter at least 100 words now??

I've already stated the information needed what more can I add except for words that aren't needed? - Ludie

Product or Service Mentioned: Find A Grave Funeral Forum.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Easy method of contacting FindaGrave support for Memorial problems and help with resolving problem with inactive memorial manager..

Find A Grave Pros: Photos of grave markers, Finding information in cemeteries, Ability to search for a gravesite, That they help people out of the kindness off there heart, Helping future generation relatives find pertinent.

Find A Grave Cons: Dealing with horders, Inactive memorial manager, Difficult to contact fg support.

  • Inactive Memorial Managers
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she might just be saying that to get the graves Michealle aka shelley aka rose york 101 aka michelle waston Harold Clark Findagrave is great its people like this one, i want my mcpeak family I also take pride in my McpeakDaniels


Dealing with hoarders seems to be the worst problem!


Why can't you use

No hoops.


Dealing with hoarders! Hiding behind a user name of Anonymous 2, a woman has not only the memorial of my aunt, but of my mother! She finally gave me my mother's after I proved I was the daughter, but she won't give me my aunt's!


Simply use edit@findagrave or info@findagrave---no accounts needed!

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