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I have been able to use some old searched and get on but now even that is gone.

How do we get findagrave back. The sign up think is impossible.

Why has it been made so difficult? It was working so great and has been for years. Do the people running it have trouble with us using the site?

I have been doing Genealogy for my family for a long time as i promised an Aunt that I would keep the Families records going. I'm an old man now and these computers are difficult enough already. We sure don't want to see any changes to try and cope with.

at one time was good but they can't be used any longer and the site is now so big they have all the records so messed up that you can't believe them.

Roots Web and Findagrave was all we had left and we even lost rootsWeb for a while but some of it is coming back but not as good as it was.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

I liked: It the way it was when it worked, I used to love it using the old web site.

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It wasn't working great behind the scenes. Are you using the same operating system you had 20 years ago?

That's the equivalent of what was going on behind the scenes. The "code" was out of date. At some point in time, it would have crashed big time and the site would have been off-line until they got it reprogrammed with modern technology.

They've been working on this programming for over 3 years. did you want the site to go away for 3 years?

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