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Do not like the new site at all. You do not get all the information you got before on one page.

Didn't have to search to find the information you were looking for. You could go to the site and click on relatives names and it would take you to their site also so you could see right away if they were buried in the same cemetery.

BRING BACK THE OLD SITE; IT WAS EASY TO ACCESS AND UNDERSTAND AND FOLLOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Loved the pictures of the cemetery entrance in some instances, so if you were going to visit you would know what to look for. There were also pictures of a headstone which was helpful also.

And could get a map to the cemetery with GPS coordinates on it which is great! WANT THE OLD SITE BACK PLEASE.

Reason of review: New find a grave site.

I liked: I like the old site.

I didn't like: Do not like the new site at all.

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No one cares and you can whine forever - the old site is gone forever. Why is it so difficult for people to understand that the old site is not just sitting there - IT WENT AWAY, IT WENT BYE BYE, IT BIT THE DUST, IT IS DEAD AND BURIED, IT WENT TO TECHNOLOGY HEAVEN; IT IS GONE!!!!!!!

to Anonymous #1580892

It went away and so should you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

to BULLIESUCK #1585328

Gosh, what a clever comment.

to Anonymous #1586664

GOSH DARN!..........what an intelligent comment. Great IQ!

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