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Upon trying to find out information about the cemetery my wife is buried in I find this tasteless Obituary for advertising purposes in an internet listing with a person my wife's family or I do not know leaving "love Always"endearing notes to My wife, and a photographer NM giving permission to use his pictures for any purpose. I have my doubts as to what he does with them and when you look at his website i find that he is a teacher for Mississippi State University.

I wonder What they think about this. I intend to find out

Product or Service Mentioned: Find A Grave Website.

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I hope and pray someone creates a findAgrave memorial for me when I've passed over. It is a blessing to be remembered.


Seriously?? This site is an INVALUABLE tool for genealogy.

It's absurd to get "offended" by an entry. I mean, GET REAL. I've had a few nasty-grams from people about an entry I've had about their relatives. You know what I tell them?

Here is what I tell them: "DEAD people have no privacy rights. If you want privacy, refrain from a PUBLIC obituary and refrain from a burial in a PUBLIC cemetery". I don't remove entries from rude people. Further more, if I DO remove an entry at the request of a kind person, I make it known to them I cannot promise it won't be re-added by someone else that may be transcribing the cemetery.

Instead of getting pissed off about something as minor as an entry, look at it as someone learning more about their heritage. I cannot even BEGIN to to tell you how much it's helped me research my ancestry.

It's not meant to disrespect anyone.


I cannot believe the rude responses that you have recieved. Ive never seen anything like this.

I just came here to check out the site. Im going to email every one I know at findagrave and tell them to read the HORRIBLE responses to your valid claim. If they want to be members of this site after reading this then they are sick people.

Im so sorry you were treated this way. The way to deal with this company is to contact the members that support it.


Sorry about my previous comment I was up all night being raped by my father while my mother watched.

I am one of those f.a.g it members that steals photos from obituaries and copy obituaries and posts them to f.a.g. as mine.

I don't see what the big deal is it should be okay to exploit your loved ones and violate copyrights. I know I to read the f.a.g.

faqs but I don't bother to follow them myself which is why I post stuff from other websites to f.a.g. although the faqs say not to I don't worry about breaking the law so what I don't care!


A class action lawsuit? Are you going to sue the cemetery and the newspaper who advertised your wife's death as well?

Your problem could be fixed by simply following directions in the FAQ.

Honestly the few times I have been to *** (not the forums) It was great help with my genealogy search. It really helped me with the death of family members who are far away, I can leave flowers and I can request the control of my family member's pages.

A class action lawsuit is the most insane, pathetic waste of time. You would be trying to profit over someone putting public information out for the public to see that they could already see if and when they wanted to anyway.

Please go find a hobby. How about you volunteer to be a photographer for those requesting photos of family they are looking for or are too far away to see their resting place themselves.

Or bring more awareness to the pages of children who died of abuse so that people can see with their own eyes that it's real.

I can't stand people who have so much time on their hands they want to cause trouble. DO SOMETHING POSITIVE WITH YOURSELF.


If it is a private cemetery you can tell them that you do not want anyone but family taking pictures of your beloved wife's headstone. Private cemeteries are aware of f.a.g.

members taking pictures to profit the f.a.g. owner and are forbidding them from taking pictures of headstones without permission from the person who purchased the headstone. It is appalling that family paid for the plot, headstone, obituary etc. and someone comes along to help someone else profit from what was paid for by the family.

I have been married to my spouse for 35 years and there is nothing we don't know about the other or who, so nearly 19 years is nothing to brag about especially since the wife readily admits how little her and her husband knows about the other.

I find that sad. My wife is my life and precious to me and would not want her memory to used for profit without my permission.


Remember my website f.a.g. forbids copyrights violations that is copying obituaries & photographs without expression permission from the family that provided the information for the obituary and from the owner of the photographer ie owner of the photograph. Violating Copyrights will result in account suspension!


Can I add a photo that I found on Find a Grave or on a different website?

No. Please do not add photos to Find A Grave that you have acquired from another memorial or from another source. Similarly, do not add screen shots from other websites or scans of obituaries or newspaper articles. Photos fall under copyright protection laws, even photographs used in obituaries. In general, if you did not take the photo yourself, you should not post it. The only exceptions to this are photos that are old enough to have fallen into the public domain and photos for which you have received written consent from the copyright holder.

Someone posted my copyrighted photos! How can I get them removed or get them properly credited?

It is a violation of Find A Grave policy to post such photos. There is a link to this policy on every single content page at the Find A Grave website. As you probably know, having a policy is one thing, but enforcing it can be exceedingly difficult. Once an image is posted anywhere on the internet, many people believe it is 'free game' for them to take and use as they wish. Physically (or electronically) preventing this is an impossible challenge because anything that can be viewed on a screen can be captured and reused. That leaves us with a policy, which we clearly state and enforce when violations are brought to our attention. Users who have posted copyrighted material will be sent a warning. Repeat offenders of our copyright policy will have their account suspended.

If you find any copyright abuses posted by Find A Grave users, please report them by sending us an email with a link to the photo(s). We respect copyright laws as well as the ethics of 'giving credit where credit is due'. Please let us know if you would prefer to have your photos removed or simply transferred to your Find A Grave account. If you prefer to have them transferred please be sure to include the email address associated with your account if it is different from the address you are writing from (don't forget to include a link to the photo). If you do not have a Find A Grave account and would like one, we can create one for you and transfer the photo credits to the new account.

NOTE: Ownership of a copy of a photograph is not the same as owning the copyright of the work of the photograph. The owner of the work is usually the photographer (or their employer), not the subject of the photo nor the person who has a copy of the photograph.

I found a photo of a relative on Find A Grave, can I use it?

Photos posted to memorials on Find A Grave are copyrighted by the member who submitted the photos. Lifting the photo to use elsewhere would be a violation of copyright. You must obtain written permission from the member to use any photo for your own use. In general if you did not take the photo yourself, you do not hold the copyright to the photo.

Can I add an obituary to my interment listing?

You should not copy obituary notices from newspapers to an individual's memorial record unless you have permission from the newspaper to do so or you are the author of the obituary. Some obituaries that were published in 1922 or earlier are now in the public domain. In general, obituaries in newspapers are submitted by the family with assistance from the funeral home. If the obituary is added to the memorial record, it should list the newspaper and date the obit was printed for example "Published in the Hattiesburg American, Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Internet Edition, April 11, 2007". Please do not include the names of living or surviving relatives in the biography, unless you have their permission. If you do not have permission to copy an obituary to a memorial, you may put a note stating the name of the newspaper and the date the obituary was published.

Please do NOT add photographs from obituary notices (unless you, personally took the photo), as they are protected by copyright law. Find A Grave reserves the right to remove obituary notices and photographs from memorial records. Similarly, you may NOT scan an obituary and add it as a photograph to a memorial record.

Obituaries for "famous" individuals are usually written by newspaper staff and can not be posted to Find A Grave as the newspaper company owns that copyright.

Please do not include website addresses that may be listed in the obituary as they usually expire within a year after the obituary is printed.


Yes, we use the deaths of your loved ones to advertise. That is how I have made millions and continue to make hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. As long as people keep dying I will keep using their memorials for advertising so I can continue to profit from their deaths.


The site is free, and the way they keep it free is advertising. How do you know your wife did not know this person?

Just because you or your family didn't means nothing. My husband does not know all my friends, nor do I know all his, and we have been married for nearly 19 years.


Post the memorial number and I will pay the lowly $5.00 to remove the ads. Or better yet, you pay them if it offends you.

You can also ask the creator to remove the whole memorial. But all said and done, your wife is dead and you no longer control her.


Why do people attack others who feel violated by this and have no capability of just respecting their views. There are lots of things that do not violate the law but are morally and ethically wrong. If what I was doing caused anyone distress I would not do it hence this site needs an opt out cause.


My Wife went to heaven in 1998 buried in Youngstown,Oh. I had put on the stone "Love Always" that was the way she signed her cards to me.


I admit I was a bit put off by the site at first, especially when I found that someone had created pages for family members, and I had no idea who it was. Then I decided it would be a nice way to keep track for genealogy purposes for other family members now and in the future.

So I added an entry for my mother who sadly passed away this year, and requested "ownership" of the virtual graves of other family members.

(BTW this is a good way to have some control over what is posted there, and does not cost anything). However, I do think that if someone does not want their loved ones' grave sites posted, they should be removed.


You mean you disrepected your wife by burying her in a cemetery you know nothing about? And just how would *** know more about that cemetery than you? You went looking for it so you could cause a stink.


If you do not want your wife for advertising, then get off your pocketbook and pay $5 to get the advertising removed. It is not a site to show disrespect to your wife.

Did you write the the newspaper about he obituary they posted? We all know the answer to that. You live in the information age, so your life is an open book.

What would your wife think? Probably be happy that someone remembered her in this way.


For all of you that say I, for not agreeing with this site, should stay away; well, just stay away from my family's grave sites and I will gladly steer away from your patronized favor for the world!! Find a grave when someone asks you to find it.......geezz!!


It's public information. You posted your family's graves with a headstone and names/dates for anyone to see.

Anyone can go and look at it, at the cemetery or online.

And you're not the only one related to that person. Get over it!.....geezz!


I wanted to find a way to do RAK (Random Acts of Kindness) after surviving Stage 4 Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma while my son was in Iraq. Many people live too far away or are too old to visit grave sites of loved ones.

It gives me such happiness to give back in some bring people close to the loved ones they are missing. I receive so many overjoyed letter of thanks & god bless you's for taking photographs of headstones. I always bring some flowers or a flag with me for the picture.

My heart is full. God Bless Find a Grave.


@Seriously Get Over Yourself

Why is it so hard for you and the rest of the hoarders to understand that the person who orginally posted this complaint was offended that his WIFE was put on Find A Grave? Just because YOU don't find it offensive doesn't mean everyone is OK with it.

Further he stated that he was offended by advertising on his wife's memorial, but you think that your snarky response is appropriate. Stop thinking about your numbers and take a second to think about about a grieving family.



There is nothing disrespectful on this entire site. People, including myself, take the time to go out, photograph, download and add a bit of text to a page to show respect for the deceased.

I have found my great great grandparents on this site, I never would have known where they were buried or seen their headstone otherwise. That's why I pay it forward. In hopes that someone else will benefit.

It takes heart to do this. Take it as such!

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