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There has been no response to suggested edits submitted on, 10 Nov 2019, for memorial ID: 4402****, maintained by Susan Clemons, contributor 4694****.

On Memorial ID 4402****, Spouse, Memorial ID 4402****, incorrectly listed as Parent.

On Memorial ID 4402****, Children incorrectly listed as Siblings:

Children: Mary Hosea, 4402****; Thomas Hosea Jr., 4402****; James Hosea, 4402****; Margaret W. Hosea, 4402****; Helen Katherine Hosea Rash, 4480****.

On Memorial ID 4402****, Spouse 4402****, incorrectly listed as Child.

Dates on Indiana, Death certificate, attached to 4402****, and county health record, does not correspond with dates on headstone.

Upon the signing of the death certificate, local authorities will typically issue a certificate of disposition of remains, also known as a burial permit.

Contributor: Rob Seifman (4841****) and Ancestry.com paying customer.

On September 8, 2020, received the following email from Ms. Clemons: I don’t remember this but I always recommend requests be put in one at a time by the person making requests. For example children have to have mother and father added to each individual child. You can do that and submit your changes to FAG. I suggest you do as many as you can to eliminate errors.

It is the responsibility of Ms.Clemons to preserve the memorials in her care from decline in quality when notified by a customer of numerous errors.


Product or Service Mentioned: Find A Grave Genealogy Record.

Preferred solution: Find A Grave to make customer suggested edits.

Find A Grave Pros: Cemetery listings.

Find A Grave Cons: Maintenance of memorials.

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