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I was a member of find a grave for years. Not only do they delete memorials at will without warning, they are even too lazy to investigate if they have grounds for removing the memorial. They will also delete your account for any crack pot on the sight complaining to...
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Probably your work is being confiscated by someone who does spredsheets there on the site. These dummies take info from others who do research work and then enter it to their own blank memorial and cry duplicate. They have blank memorials which to do their dirty work with, and they will NOT connect correct family lines to correct genealogy, and in turn they will harass others until they decide to leave the site.

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Boston, Massachusetts
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Memorial #14972****

I have accidentally connected memorial #14972**** (Alice McCormick) to memorial #19356**** (Alexander McCormick). I don't know how I did this but now I can't seem to delete. Alice McCormick should not be connected to Alexander McCormick. I do not like your new system.
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I don't understand the purpose of this complaint as the memorial for Alice McCormick is in Forest Park, Illinois and the memorial for Alexander McCormick is in Forest Park, Illinois. Neither are buried in Boston, Massachusetts. If you want a relationship corrected you'll have to contact the owner of the appropriate memorial.

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Boston, Massachusetts
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Bad quality
Find a Grave has bullies in both the forums and with contributors. One might think this is a nice place, but watch out, contributors, forum members and admins will chew you up and spit you out! I have never seen a place with so many angry, hateful members. Also, just...
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You hit the nail on the head, everything you said is 110% correct. My wife was a member for 13 years she always really loved the site, she is ailing very severely and bed bound last 2 years so she was on very sporadically those 2 years due to life, almost dying twice, a seizure, valid reasons for sure.

She logged on about a year ago wanting to leave her dad and a few "friends" tokens. She told them years ago the severity of her illness. She came off that site in tears......She used to have around 30 "friends" on the site, they all got offended and butthurt she hadn't been on and 10 people had unfriended her. On top of that a perfect stranger left her a really nasty message admonishing her for apparently accidently leaving 3 tokens on one lady's grave in a day, against the rules the token nazi told her.

My wife went to look, it was tokens she left in 2015 and you could tell it was the same comment and token had accidently gone through 3 times. She went to explain this to the token nazi lady and next thing you know 2 or 3 more "friends" unfriended my wife. So she stayed off the site for a year mainly because of poor health, not having access to a computer always and also she was distressed by the cruel women who backstabbed her on the site. She logged in today was happy before she logged in, but as soon as she got on more witches had unfriended her and 1 unfriended her the minute she saw she logged on to be extra hurtful.

That wasb8 hours ago, my wife has been crying off and on ever since. These were people she had paid for sponsorships for, women she knew for years on the site, had tokened their loved ones generously over the years. Then one lady saw her on, she took down the photo of a 12 year old murder victim who's page my wife paid for and sponsored, who does such evil to an innocent 12 year old murder victim? Now we are having trouble locating another photo for the poor girl, we tried to do a photo request but because the girl's body was never found and she didn't have a grave, FAG says we can't do a photo request.

What a bunch of evil, catty, mean, horrible women on that site just like you said. My wife can't bare taking down her dad's page after 13 years but even in her family there was a snooty, uppity uncle who would never leave a message on his page just to be a jerk and hurt her feelings. He is too rich and wonderful for things like that. It is just like that damned site is cursed or something.

When she made a comment about the cruelty of 15 people unfriending her, it offended a couple of more and they marched off angry. After 13 years she is saying goodbye to the witches and hags on the site who unfriended her knowing her condition had worsened, she has started having seizures, but too bad to sad for her.

FAG is horrible I hope the feds shut them down too. Sorry you endured such hate on the site too, you didn't deserve that.

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Boston, Massachusetts

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