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Find A Grave in Minneapolis, Minnesota - They have been real helpful

hi iuse find a grave often and have never had an issue the tim you mention got all contact info together for my grandma not even my mom new what her full name was but it all matched up.if you had a bad experince i bet it was unintencional,and to be honest you sound like a crybaby they vounetere all there time ,im sure the 4 bucks you sent in was just enough to put themover the top.relaxe the do alot of good for us whoare serching for lost loved didyou try talking calmley to them
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I volunteer all my time too, I did the entire county, and they deleted a LOT of what I entered and I paid more than 4 bucks to sponsor pages!! Crybaby, not hardly, have you walked & photographed an entire county of cemeteries?


Is it possible your memorials were duplicates?

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  • That they help people out of the kindness off there heart
Reason of review
they do alot of good for people
  • educational information deletes photos taken through the system Jim Tipton has set up that sends notice to volunteers that someone would like a picture Julie s. Administrator of Jim Tipton. Jim Tipton approves of her behavior to delete the...
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All that, deleting 5,000 memorials, just "to rip someone off just one memorial?" When you say she already had all that power, just to take that one, or delete it, at any time? What would the point be?

I'm lost in your posting, frankly.

I'm lost in why this admin would do as you say she has, when the power to do what you say she wanted (get one memorial), was "Julie's" to just do in a second and be done with it.

From what I've seen of the site, there are a large number of admins. I'm unsure why you are convinced that one has done all this. Or how you know Jim Tipton knew and approved of all of her actions? What's the big deal over "just one memorial?"

Seems like a lot of assumptions, here.

And no, I'm not "Julie." Or Jim Tipton...

just a lost reader of complaints.

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new issue -If you plan on using this site be prepared you will for the most part be surrounded by wonderful people but eventually the ones WHO may be troubled come at you out of know where and you have no idea what just happened because those people are random...
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I could not agree more.

Wish I had read this before I ever registered for the site.

Never, Never will I use it again

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Find A Grave Account
Jim Tipton makes a living off of volunteers. You would think he might have a zero tolerance for any abuse to the system. However his volunteer administrators like Julie are deleting photos taken by volunteers that believed they were helping someone else. ARE You...
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I have seen hundreds of volunteer photos removed by administrators...They need to remove the volunteer option it is just a waste of time, gas and money on the part of the volunteer as you never know if your photo is going to be deleted by unscrupulous administrators!

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I am likely going to stop posting to the site. Reading about online stalkers, terrible admin. people, posters who will not return emails, etc. has gotten me worried. I saw one suggestion online, which was to write to to see if they might start a similar...
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Yes, I'm a thief and there is nothing you can do about it. I will continue to profit from the deaths of your loved ones I will continue to violate copyrights.

How else can I get a picture of your loved ones unless I have my members steal them from the obituaries you paid to have printed in your local newspaper.

So what if you paid for the burial plot and the gravestone my website is going to profit from pictures of that gravestone. Deal with it I'm rich and greedy and nobody is going to stop me!

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