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I was the one person in my family doing family history and took great joy in sharing what I found. When I discovered Find A Grave I thought it would be a good place to share my family.

Then a close cousin of mine passed. I wanted to filli a special memorial for them. 2 days after he passed I began his memorial. Someone had put in a name and date of death but no other information so I want sure that was him so I began my memorial and was going to post his obituary and pictures after the funeral.

When I went in after the funeral this person had deleted my memorial and taken the information I added and placed it on their entry with their name on it.. For a month I wrote to this person asking to have management control of my cousins memorial and no response. I wrote to the administrators of Find A Grave and they told me my relation was not close enough in relation to merit a transfer.

I deleted everything I contributed to this website over the years, all the information and pictures of my family members. I will no longer be using them to share my family history.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Control of myy family memorial.

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I find your comment about this woman's problem laughable. I fully understood the rules and guess what?

Find A Grave does not always go by their own rules. I was the manager of my fathers memorial. Had photographs and all sorts of stuff on there about him. Had a Find A Grave Troll that claimed to be a relative that actually wasn't go in behind my back and steal the account by contacting Find A Grave Support.

AND sense this has happened, they have posted on other family memorials untrue information. When I complained to Find A Grave, I found my membership deleted. And you call this fair? REALLY?

Type in your Web Browser, Find A Grave Complaints and I think you will see a whole diffrent side to the site. And its NOT GOOD!


The other person didn't delete your memorial. Members do not have that ability.

The likely scenario is: someone (any member) saw both memorials and used the 'Report duplicate memorials' utility. Find A Grave administration looked at both memorials, determined the other one was the first legitimately created memorial and merged your duplicate into it.

It is unfortunate that you chose to use Find A Grave without understanding the purpose and policies of the site. Had you understood those two things, you probably would not have had unreasonable expectations of being able to manage the memorials of ALL your relatives.


Wow how rude!


I agree! However, the site is full of hateful mean people who call themselves genealogists.

Some of these old folks are phony whacks with nothing else going on in their pathetic lives but to cause problems.

UM, mOre like search and destroy. It's very annoying!


It's rude to educate people on the way the site actually works rather than allow the misinformation presented in the complaint?

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