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A person visiting my home took a picture of my grandfather out of an album without my knowledge and posted it to his grave memorial. The memorial by someone I don't know, full of wrong information.

The head stone are full of mud I think was smeared on to get a picture. The worst part is they have miss place their grave. Listed them in Obie Mills when in fact they are in the Mills Family Cem. I have requested several times the photo be removed but have received no answer.

I ask the person responsible for the memorials, Sharon Gallagher Smith (her pictures) to correct wrong information more than once. I have finally ask the memorials be removed. Have received no reply. The headstones and picture are a total embarrassment.

They make me sick when I see my Grandparents lives and family reflected like this. I get pissed every time I look at them which is every day.

Product or Service Mentioned: Find A Grave Genealogy Record.

Reason of review: problem being ignored.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Aaron Gullison

My suggestion would be for you to visit their graves, wash and clean the stones and take some good, high quality photos. Then upload them to the memorials.


Do you know who stole the photo from your photo album?


Really sorry to hear what you have been dealing with wish curators would take time to read these post and put a stop to the members thats doing things like this .Asking them to stop with the numbers or years member have been on find a grave does not make them any better sometimes it feed the bully in them . When they turn their graves off and the lose their graves they will be back but under a different name and families can get their family graves then.No curators would put up with not having their family Wish they would go under cover and they would see what some have had to deal with.


You have a right to be upset. There are some low lives on that site!


Thank you. I have had a eye opening experience for sure.

It is disgusting the way ppl will put death records on there, at least I think.

Specially when it is a child or someone like my Mother's I recently saw. Thanks for your reply.


Talk about lowlives!!!!!......... There is one woman there who is know as ANGEL something who writes political crap on her Avatar, which is down right disgusting!


If some contributor has a person who they manage the memorial for and they are not any relation to the family ...... then why should it be so difficult for you to transfer the memorial to their REAL family and who I BELIEVE has more rights to their family memorial than some greedy stranger who is all about themselves and their silly BIG NUMBERS!


I agree with you 100% ! I think it is extremely rude and down right MEAN to put death records on the memorials.

When does the invasion of ONLINE privacy stop and end??

I hope whoever does this cruel stuff.... that someday when you are deceased that someone writes down on your memorial that you were a narcissistic *** and deeply insane!