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I am in need of removing a photo. There is a photo for someone on my ancestry that does not belong. Please how do I go about removing this?

Product or Service Mentioned: Find A Grave Profile.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I don't think people should be allowed to add pictures to sponsored memorials unless permission has been given to them by person who sponsored or manages the memorial. It takes up space that the sponsoring person has paid for. Kind of rude too, as some add more memorials of the VERY SAME MEMORIAL!!


i agree. I wish some of the people there would leave the site!

Especially the ones who are insanely rude with bitter and horrible attitudes!

These folks seem to let their mental steam off at strangers. They need to get a grip and get back on their meds!


YEP! there are a few adults on that site who act more like juvenile delinquents....Eh, it could be senility!????


Find A Grave is a collaborative site. One person adds the memorial.

Another person suggests edits to add the birth and death locations. A third person adds a photo of the grave. A fourth person adds a photo of the person. A fifth person submits a bio.

And so on. Not allowing others to add photos would greatly diminish the collaboration. Also, regular memorials are allowed 20 photos of which any one member can add up to 5.

A sponsored memorial is allowed an addition 10 photos which can only be added by the person who sponsored it. Ergo, photos do NOT "take up space that the sponsoring person has paid for".

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