They delete family bios or cut them short, they deleted half my flowers that i choose from. They pick and choose who can frame a picture and who can't.

The new system is insulting and invasive and sucks. I am pissed and i don't like this. Working so hard on memorials only to have them disappear at ***'s will. I don't like the bio's i research to disappear with no warning after spending hours making them, and i have no way to get to my pictures that they stashed behind the scrapbook page.

Sponsered pages are supposed to be allowed more then 3 pictures YET they lock the bio and picture tabs. NO MORE will i pay to sponser a memorial because *** is ripping people off.

For years it was fine till Ansestry took over. I am PISSED.

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I've been on the site a good number of years and have not experienced these problems. Perhaps your memorials were duplicates that have been merged into the originals.


Ok the flowers they deleted are probably the blinky ones or the gifs. What is framing a picture?

I've never heard of this and I've been on here 12 years. What pictures are stashed behind the scrapbook page? I've never heard of this either. If your missing memorials, write to edit(at)findagrave(dot)com and ask them why.

Sponsored pages should have at least 10 (I think) places for photos. You need to start asking some questions instead of griping about it on a page like this.


After creating a memorial, copy its URL, then go to http://archive.org/web/web.php , the Wayback Machine. paste the URL in the browse section or near the bottom, do a save page now.


there is nothing on the findagrave website that says rules or terms of service. I did go to the help area and it does not state anything as being a rule or terms of service.


They have Terms of Service. They implemented last year shortly before Ancestry purchased it. You can find the Terms of Service at the bottom of most pages or a direct link, http://www.findagrave.com/disclaimer.html In addition, the FAQs are considered equal to Terms of Service in many respects.


Just so you know. It is not Ancestry's fault.

They had nothing to do with it. It's all Findagrave's fault. Find A Grave has been doing this for years and years. Find A Grave does what ever in the h.e.l.l.

they want to do and we can't do anything about it. They have deleted thousands upon thousands of memorials. If you don't believe me, take a look at some of these complaints on this site, in fact, it you have time, read all of them and you will learn all about what Find A Grave can and did do.

They deleted over a thousand of my memorials before Ancestry ever bought them out.

So sorry but I do believe in "you get what you pay for". Find a Grave is a free site.

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