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You'd think a site that operates from people volunteering their time would be grateful for constructive critisism, on a beta version they rolled out way to soon, BUT NOOOOOO, they've banned several veteran volunteers. Scrubbed negative feedback from Twitter.

Banned people from Facebook. F.A.G. is turning into a site that's run by {{Redacted}}. Do it our way, keep you're mouth shut.

Or WE'LL BAN YOU. Their boards and forums have been like that for years. All questions are stupid questions. People have actually voiced fear of sending feedback.

Now they've rolled out this huge site of SUCK.

It's been a downhill slide since Ancestry bought it. Now Ancestry is taking the same path.

Product or Service Mentioned: Find A Grave Website.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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OMG .... "Huge site of SUCK" completely covers it.

Totally. It is now a "Huge site of SUCK".


People get banned for breaking rules. Not for voicing questions or opinions.

The way feedback is voiced could maybe get you banned if you do so in a disrespectful or belligerent manner.

But from my experience which isn't much, people get warnings first. So if you got banned you probably deserved it for some reason.

@A person

I didn't get banned. People keep making so many ASSumptions over this.


The disrespectful way in which you talk to people here is reason enough for you to be banned in my opinion. You can criticize, disagree, and complain while still being respectful.


The new site is okay once you get used to it. The famous person assessment team are the same so anything outside the US had little chance of being approved. Stopped using it actually...


Eddie Donlin, aka @Mad_Genealogist, stop acting like a 2-year-old and accept that YOUR actions were the problem. You misbehaved on FAG and got booted.

You were abusive on FaceBook and got blocked. You were abusive on Twitter and got blocked.

YOU did those things. You're a dad now, you need to GROW UP.


And you need to accept that some people don't like the tin-pot dictatorship that seems to be using censorship to try to eradicate anything negative about the "new" Find A Grave. No amount of shilling will change that.


To whoever YOU are, I'll give you the same advice. I don't know any Eddie Donolin.

I'm a 45 year old woman. I've sent in constructive criticism that's been deleted. Several, on different subjects. Seen it across multiple media sites and blogs.

Here's my suggestion, if you don't know what you're talking about. KEEP YOU'RE MOUTH SHUT, and *** off. I don't know why people assume I'm this person.

Apparently he isn't the only one that sees this going on. Cheers ***.


What in the blazes is all that noise about? My post was to "Good Citizen," not you.

And please show me where I accused you of being someone else.

Maybe you should follow your own foul-mouthed suggestion. I have no idea who or what you're talking about.


I don't know who you think you're speaking to. I'm a 45 year old woman.

I don't know an Eddie Donolin. I suggest you keep your mouth in check, since your brain doesn't seem to know what it's talking about. Must be a yank to be that big of a.... I'm not the one that needs to, "GROW UP".

GoodCitizen my ***. Only in 'MERICA.


I kinda like the new set up although it doesn't quite get rid of some of the impostors who claim to be someone else there which they are not. There is one woman there who only follows contributors around dailey, she changes her silly avatar just about every single week, & sometime twice a week. This same woman assumes the names of others to hide her many lies & also claims to have a daughter who is no more than her personality split- Really weird!


She sounds like the movie that goes by the same name ...............SpLiTe!!!!! ;((


I didn’t write this whoever you are.

Although I do think it’s funny you thought it was me.

Have you seen the Facebook page? Nobody likes this site. Only paid employees and people close to the employees.

Find A Grave either purposely destroyed the site or failed miserably. I honestly don’t know.

@Eddie Donlin

"Nobody likes this site".


Every single user has posted about it? LMAO

What's that saying about a satisfied customer rarely tells anyone but an unsatisfied customer tells 7 people? Those who don't like it are going to complain frequently and as many places as they can. Those who do like it aren't.

And then there are those who may not like it but accept the changes are going to happen, regardless of what the users want. Que sera sera.

People who get banned and then post on social media only telling the parts of the story that make them look good and the site look bad are shooting themselves in the foot.

@Pretty Obvious

I have many friends on this site and none of them like the new site......HOPE THEY GO BACK TO THE OLD! Also, many prefer not to know or have others following and stalking them around with the name lists.

@Pretty Obvious

Hey goofey, they aren't going back to the old format. Also, the "Following" is the same list people had as "Friends" on the old layout.

Now they have added "Followers" so you know who added you to their list. How is that bad?