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Update by user Aug 20, 2015

I am out of this conversation - the same people who were causing the problems on Find A Grave are also cause problems here.

That's how they get so many memorials. They make complaints and then take their memorials over after they get someone booted.

Why would someone who isn't from SW Iowa even care what someone in SW Iowa is doing?

Because they want your memorials, plain & simple.

Update by user Aug 19, 2015

This site is hacked by the find a grave "police" that were hounding me before I was aware of the "rules" which only apply to some of us, too bad because I still had thousands of photos that I took in the cemeteries of Shelby county, Iowa that I intended to post, I had St. Boniface completed.

Remaining were:

Abel Galland Memorial Cemetery

Cass Township Cemetery

Corley Cemetery

Cuppy's Grove Cemetery Doyle Cemetery Galland's Grove a.k.a.

LDS Cemetery Jacksonville aka Bethlehem Lutheran Cemetery Monroe United Methodist Church Cemetery Oak Hill (Irwin) Cemetery Pleasant Ridge a.k.a. Lincoln Township Cemetery Shelby Cemetery Sts. Peter and Paul Cemetery St. Boniface (Westphalia) Cemetery St.

Joseph's (Earling) Cemetery St.

Mary’s (Panama) Cemetery St. Mary’s (Portsmouth) Cemetery Union Township Cemetery Washington Township Cemetery it's your loss find a grave

Original review posted by user Jul 30, 2015

I am so very disappointed with Find A Grave, although it is a great genealogy resource, there are several negative points about them:

I currently am not allowed access to my account; so in effect, Find A Grave has stolen all my memorial entries, all my gravestone pictures, all my edits to link people to parents, spouses, etc., PLUS the MONEY I PAID to "sponsor" several memorials for family members.

I had posted several memorials in Shelby County, Iowa; previously I had posted all my gravestone photos on (I photographed gravestones in almost every single cemetery in the county) so I was also posting to Find A Grave. I found several of my photos on Find A Grave that people stole off, but they don't care about that.

I was unaware of the "rule" that you are not to use URL's. I was always taught to NAME THE SOURCE! So several of their other members kept sending me "edits" to remove them. I believe those members were hired by Find A Grave to check people's memorials for "not following the rules".

For the memorials that I knew there was no gravestone, I posted a cross for the gravestone along with a message that there was no gravestone. ALL of those were deleted, so I would assume there are people out searching for gravestone that do not exist!!!

Then they started editing the names of people, for instance, my Grandmother, Anna Margretta (Andersen) Kohl Boldt, they kept removing "Kohl" (my grandfather, her 1st husband); they also did that with several other of my memorials.

Members supposedly have "control" of the memorials they post, but that is absolutely NOT true!!

Find A Grave and their "Police" are rude thieves.

This person wrote the review because of damaged or defective of find a grave account from Find A Grave. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants Find A Grave to "reinstate my accounts".

The most disappointing in user's experience was administration has a bad attitude, how they handle contibutors, customer service and unresponsive administrators. Author liked the most photos of grave markers and ability to search for a gravesite. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

We collected other reviews about products and/or services offered by Find A Grave for you to read. This information may help you with your purchase decision.

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When the poster updated her complaint, she said the same people were causing problems here as on Find A Grave. Seems that was the complainant.

She did these things over and over again

Posted photos from obits

Had URLs and links in the bio

Listed survivors in obits

Copied & pasted full obits w/o permission

It is highly unlikely she was kicked off Find A Grave with no warning whatsoever.

She was probably told by the admins to stop doing the above things and to remove those from her memorials. It probably wasn't that she wasn't doing it fast enough but that she was continuing to do all of the above.

Louisville, Kentucky, United States #1022353

No one takes over your listings after you get suspended except Find A Grave itself. Your listings still name you as manager if you would look and see.

You're getting out of the conversation because you have no argument to make because you are WRONG.

You didn't follow the site's rules and got banned. It's that simple!

to Glendora #1023222

Sometimes F.A.G. does turn the memorials over to a good contributor who is willing to "clean up" them up.

to Anonymous #1023319

Maybe they do but hers are still in her name when last checked and I don't believe it was anyone's intent to gain her listings. She is just paranoid for some reason and was given ample time to "clean up" her own instead of just making more with the same rules broken.

I didn't even send 20 SACs in a week... I sent about 10 and that was enough for her to report me for harassing her and instead, she got a notice to clean up her listings. Also, in return she sent me 16 SACs that said either "link to spouse" or "link to parents" without any names or memorial numbers.

We had no further communication and everything else was sent directly to Find A Grave. I did not know until she has started posting here and at Complaints Board that others were having problems with her too.

to Anonymous #1026498

What good contributor? How do you know they are a good contributor?

Just cause they are a memorial hoarder doesn't make them good.

How many noses does the devil have?

to Anonymous #1026639

When someone does the work why should they hand it over to some new collectors?

to Anonymous #1029765

HUH? You said....(When someone does the work why should they hand it over to some new collectors?)

Probably because family members have more information and deserve to have their relative.

The work that goes into many memorials is not quality work and says NOT much of anything about the deceased. Although, there is a lot of wrong dates and no family members listed on some memorials. The family who is related to the deceased will enter more accurate and correct data and make a better memorial.

Why should you you get the credit for what a family member could do better. Hoarding memorials is just a number to you and that is ALL!


Marthann, I do hope you'll read this even though you say you are "out" of this conversation.

The contributors who were trying to get you to clean up your memorials and follow the rules will NOT remake your memorials because those would be duplicates. They understand the site's rules so they wouldn't break them.

Nor will they "take over" your memorials.

They will, however, use the procedures provided by F.A.G. to fix the problems on the memorials you created.

to GoodCitizen Defiance, Iowa, United States #1351078

that is an absolute LIE - certain people created duplicates and had several of my memorials deleted


Marthann, this site isn't "hacked". It's open to anyone - you, me, and every other F.A.G.

user. The majority of us understand and abide by the rules.

Why was that so hard for you? Only a child uses the "everyone else was doing it" excuse.

to Anonymous #1036127

I think paranoia is a False accusation. Hoarders love to run people off this website.

I think when people start deliberately messing around with other families and their memorials and are continually causing problems on fg that they need to take a long hike!

No one needs these lowlifes around hurting people and continually causing problems. Findagrave has few untamed, undermanned people who like to sit there like large vultures causeing problems.

to Anonymous Defiance, Iowa, United States #1351084

I have several STALKERS who INTENTIONALLY go through my memorials to find my "errors", I can prove it with the tons of emails I received from these stalkers!!

And by looking at THEIR pages, you can see that they are NOT people who actually WALK, RECORD & PHOTOGRAPH cemeteries as I have.

If you do not believe that I do, you need to personally check out: and

to Anonymous Defiance, Iowa, United States #1351080

People who have to use "Anonymous" is in itself a shield to hide your true Identity and can lie all they wish.


it is obvious that the Find A Grave jerks have infiltrated this site also, trying to defend their thieving ways

to Marthann #1021749

Marthann you can request all photos you added be removed.

to Anonymous Louisville, Kentucky, United States #1021856

While you're at it, request all those Burial Unknowns and Living Persons be removed too.

to Marthann #1021803

IF someone placed your original photographs on the site without your permission, you can get them removed because that is copyright infringement. But, I probably wouldn't make waves about that since YOU committed copyright infringement with all those photos that YOU posted from obits without permission.

to Marthann #1021835

Infiltrated? Thieving?

Honey, this is a public site, anyone can comment on a post, or post a comment, unless banned from this site.

I find that most people who use emotionally charged words, usually don't have a leg to stand on in their arguments.

Dear Marthann, you need to take a step back and look at what you are saying because no one is taking you seriously. If you want to be taken seriously, use facts, not paranoid, emotional, "they're all mean and out to get me," statements.

to Anony #1034075

emotionally charged words??? Practice what you preach HONEY!

to Marthann Louisville, Kentucky, United States #1021860

Jerks and thieves? And you can prove that how?

We can prove you're a cheater and a liar and you have done a good job of doing that yourself. lol

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