Findagrave has recently (2014) been bought out by ancestry.com. There will be more for-profit changes to come.

The intent of the site was to document every grave in the world for public consumption. The ethics of that quest are much debated, no respect for the dead or their living family is given. Often the crass and tasteless will post private medical information such as death certificates on these supposed "memorials". How can anyone consider a death certificate as a memorial item?

The heartless site owners state clearly they have no respect or regard for any privacy of dead people. It's a fact in their guidelines. A very few people, the shameful and disrespectful few, take great pride in their hobby of owning information of dead strangers. They are by far outnumbered by the family-connected members who attempt to honor both the dead and the surviving family.

Until this for-profit site is forced to stop allowing a few numbers-hoarders to cease their disrespectfull behavior the site will continue to be riddled with bad behavior. Again, it's only a few who control massive numbers and those few need to be stopped.

The advice to delete memorials you manage does not work! All that does is leave an empty slot for the shameful numbers-whores and they'll go fill it as fast as possible so they can OWN the memorial for YOUR dead relative.

Findagrave guidelines require the newer creator to delete their site if an older one exists. If you want privacy for your deceased relative, quickly create the memorial page, list the bare facts and in the profile explain that this is a placeholder that the family owns and is there to protect the privacy of the deceased and the surviving family.

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I personally have established memorials of my family members so that they are not forgotten. I posted pictures of the people if available for the benefit of our future family members who might be interested in their past heritage. I have met only nice people on this site, so I haven't a clue what any of you are talking about when you condemn the site.


Apparently you haven't been on Findagrave (***) too long. There are individuals who are numbers people and don't give a hoot about information being researched by actual blood line relatives.

They ignore you and some of them believe themselves to be the Findagrave Police (bullying) and *** lets them get away with it. Start adding memorials and see what happens:)


I totally agree with you regarding this disgusting site, Jim Tipton and many of the misguided, mentally unbalanced "gravers" And the same goes for Geni.com


It is true find a grave is all about the numbers, the number of memorials one creates, the number of memorials on the site as a whole. Is NOT about honoring the deceased it is all about the NUMBERS & THE PROFIT!


These remarks are totally off base. I can only think that the commenter is trying to hide something in their family history.

@1what is the problem

Ok, I find it Wierd that people post 1000s of memorials of people they don't know using obituaries found in a newspaper or online. However, I akdoe believe that intention is important.

Aside from memorials of people I know, I also make memorials from headstones that look neglected or unvisited. My intention is to create an on online way for people to visit their friends and loved ones. I've had a man email me that he was happy to discover the location of his estranged sister. Another person, who lives in England and is disabled, thanked me for my memorial.

Now she can "visit" her sister any time. There is MUCH GOOD in Find a Grave.

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