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I spent over 3 years walking the cemeteries here in Alabama. ONLY to find every single one of them copied on this site.

I added unmarked graves from death certs & family info. Plus I do not say I am prefect and I do make mistakes. When you see your mistake. you know you have been copied.

THEN I found pictures of my ancestors on F.A.G. copied from the USGENWEB with some else's name stuck on them.

When I contact F.A.G they told me all that info was public. They will not do one thing about it.

I gave up genealogy, because there is no point wasting my time only to have some low-down dirty copycat copy everything you do and stick their name on it.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Delete my information.

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First, the Supreme Court says that no one owns "facts" (names, dates, locations) so no one can steal them. If only facts were copied, Find A Grave was correct that the info is "public" (actually, public domain). Second, if someone posted your photos without your permission, you can send an email to Find A Grave that your copyrights are being violated (because photos are creative works, not facts) and they will remove it.


There are two men on this site, I guess they are men???? Never the less these two fools think they own all ancient family lines of genealogy.

They will not connect a family member if they don't like you and if you are a woman and don't have burial PLOT for an ancient grave! These same two fool have hundreds of memorials with NO BURIAL PLOTS----DUH!----BUT will go as far as to hook up their own families that DO NOT BELONG to questionable genealogy lines! These two bullies need to take a hike and find a bottomless pit-lake and swim to the very bottom...... ha ha!!

They are extremely rude and crude with phony genealogy lines!

They damage true ancient genealogy lines with their laughable arrogance, and bully everyone around them. Unless they can manipulate you with their spread sheets!

to FoolsGold #1497740

They use their own spred-sheets to steal memorials from others who enter new material for ancestors, when these dudeless characters have NO INFORMATION on their spred-sheets, for the same memorial they claim from this sites worker Bees. I know those 2 goofers!

They take information from others who have entered a new memorial, and then these nurds have the audacity to YELLLL DUPLICATE! >:O'

to FoolsGold #1512548

Only two men on the site? Does FAG hate men? Can another man join if one leaves?

to Whiner Slayer #1513687

Of course they can join if they aren't men pretending to be women or women pretending to be me. OR if they are not either female or male but aliens.

to Whiner Slayer #1515413

Yes, you have bonded well. :/

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