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I had been a member for about 7 years and had submitted almost 1,000 memorials. These were mostly close family members who I did not want somebody else to claim, despite my having serious doubts about the integrity of the website.

First, it was privately owned, by one individual, not a public trust. Then, not surprisingly, it was sold out for a profit (unreported and unknown) to Ancestry. The promise was made was that it would remain free. Fast forward to a couple years later.

It is still "free" as long as the user community continues to contribute hundreds of thousands of hours submitting free content. But they have now re-programmed the site to include exorbitant, outrageous amounts of advertising. It is so bad, the website has become unusable. Bloated and sucks up CPU resources bad it chokes the computer.

My contribution was modest compared to some who have uploaded literally hundreds of thousands of gravesites.

I will do no more. I home in the future there is an alternative with integrity to the genealogical community.

Product or Service Mentioned: Find A Grave Website.

Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $100000.

Preferred solution: Go back to old site, remove bloated advertising.

I liked: Old, Old pre-ancestry fag.

I didn't like: New and improved website with bloated advertising.

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This comment sounds exactly like what I would write. I likewise had a very uncomfortable feeling about them.

I did figure out that it was privately owned by one individual and was highly vulnerable to being sold to one of the genealogy conglomerates. The one with the biggest pockets won. They would then milk it for all it was worth. I only used it to enter my own close family, likewise, to keep someone else from capturing them.

I now have almost 1,000 memorials as well.I absolutely detest the "new and improved" website. Even without all the bloated advertising, it is extremely hostile to navigate and to work with. The old was clear and easy.

But it apparently could not technically support all the ad bloat.I also continue to be disgusted with the administrators. They continually reject my edits for famous memorials they control, giving an arbitrary, invalid, programmed reason.


It is not owned by one person, it is actually owned by which is owned by a multi-national conglomerate that owns a wide range of businesses, this is just one of them. That is the problem, they know nothing about ancestry and whoever they hired to built the website must be run by someone making their first site, it looks like it anyway. Do they not know what frames are?They need to set it up like the old site which was neat and orderly.

to Photocrazy #1467091

It originally was owned by one person who sold it to Ancestry.


all the advertising sucks! Everyone liked the old website much better than the new- It was easier to read and more compact on the page, rather than it is now which runs hog wild all other the network! The old cream color was better too !

to GOBACK #1473419

I agree with you. PLUS-The site has become a site for drama! Some of the junk left on the flower messages is absolutely ridiculous!


i couldnt agree more, what was once a great personal memorial site for loved ones now has become a profit monster... they turned it into a grave/obit chasing contest where hundreds of thousans of obits are posted to get numbers, the graves are no longer seen as people only as numbers.. its pitiful


Here we go again, more complaining about the advertising. Seems like nobody bothers to read the previous 1000 posts on this exact thing.

If a website, any website, allows so much of it that it becomes unbearable, what can you do?

As has been said ad infinitum: get an ad blocker. Costs nothing and you never have to see one again unless you want to.

to Anonymous #1458752

I have Adblocker and there are some ads it can't block and it still eats up resources because the scrips are poorly written and crash a lot of the time. Clicking from Ancestry often brings up the wrong grave page etc.

They didn't learn a thing from when they launched the new Ancestry site a couple of years ago, refusing to put back many of the links on the page and made it a 3-4 step process to put up a photo etc. It wasn't until after you couldn't use the old site anymore and there was a mass exodus of long time high paying customers that they put back the parts that people wanted put back and fixed how photos etc.

are added. Since FaG is free, we have no chance of that happening.

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