My experience with Find A Grave is that the contributors with thousands of memorials and add hundreds a week are obsessive hoarders. They are not related in any way to those memorials, but they REFUSE to transfer them to family members unless you are within the RULES of the site (determined by them).

DO NOT BE HONEST AND JUST REQUEST A FAMILY MEMBER WITH THESE TYPES--They will NEVER share. They are in serious need of help, it's sad and pathetic. One guy "Lost*Wymn" has 542,000+ memorials; he adds 945 per week, and at the beginning of his profile in BOLD letters writes:**PLEASE HAVE PATIENCE. I WORK IN EMERGENCY SERVICES AND AM EXTREMELY BUSY RIGHT NOW**

ROFLAO....he's busy obsessively hoarding memorials!, Hoarding memorials is the new "work in emergency services" joke.

He refuses to answer emails, repeatedly declines edits; and then manually makes the changes to them (against the rules), and IMMEDIATELY responds when you advise him that you are filing a complaint against him. He has been repeatedly reported for bullying people, trying to run them off Find A Grave when they snag any of HIS potential memorials, all around nightmare on Find A Grave.

Find A Grave seriously needs to deal with these types of individuals on their website; they are completely disrespectful to family members. They truly believe they OWN those memorials even though Find A Grave (owned by Ancestry.com) owns all the rights to the material, photos, etc.

and can take them, close down the account, and do whatever they want without recourse. They need to confiscate the account of the guy lost in Riverton Wyoming who is the poster child for bad behavior on Find A Grave and others like him.

User's recommendation: Avoid this site-it's filled with badly behaving contributors and no discipline.

Location: Stockbridge, Georgia

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