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I have been a Legacy Family Tree user for twenty years or so... as well as a Find A Grave advocate for almost as long.

My use was incorporated into my personal research methodology and worked very well. Now I am not happy - as I very much prefer the older version.

But - apparently, there is no way now to use that version. Are there any methods or plans to allow users to use the "old way?" Or is this another time that the companies have become more concerned about their bottom line (attracting simpler new users) and telling the long-time users to go "my way or the highway?"

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I don’t like the new find a grave I think it should go back to the old one it was much better and less complicated Richard


I agree 100%. The new look of find-a-grave stinks.

Many complained before the change became permanent....but do they care about the user. If I were paying for Ancestry...I would be pulling my subscription.

to klt2000 #1494219

Nothing is as simple as the old site was before they messed it up, and why would they make it so much more complicated to look at visually when it was so easier with the old?Me and my memorials could also do with out all the contentious flower makers who are mostly there stalking others!

to Darleen #1495106

i'm In agreement with you. Did you forget the gossips and troublemakers -- flowering is all part of their stalking business-- and same old losers who flower every day the same old group.

to Beanbrains #1495756

Most of the good people have left the flower group of nuts, it is just the control freaks left there causing chaos with contributors and each other.They have nothing better to do with their unless time. Hang in there friend because this site is improving constantly ..... we love it!

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