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Im interested to know why you were on find a grave if you feel that it is an infringement on privacy? volunteers do this with good intentions leave him alone there isn't anything for him to gain there isn't any grounds for a lawsuit unless it Is find a grave suing for slander snd the photo grapher suing for harrassment your irrational over your loss snd rightfully so any mother would be a memorial is made with good intentions by people who care about what there doing there is no money involved in any thing he did if you are against her memorial w you can remove it intentions aren't to make loved ones sad I hope you find piece of mind and happiness

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I agree***--I also like to old site much better than the new.

" It would also"...

be nice if they could do something about people there who are only there to harass, lie and claim to be related to some famous person they are not really related to.

lol! These degenerates play silly games of harassment because they think it is fun to do, a very foolish, bored person with no constitutional life!

to FeelSorryForThem #1399680

rock stars and what not with fake identities. Enough!

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