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I just found an obituary posted by The Lassiter's on your website that is not the obituary my family and I posted at the death of my husband Benjamin F. Barker in April of 2010.

I expect an immediate response and I demand this obituary be taken down and if you want to publish one you publish the correct one. To say I am livid is an understatement. My e mail is how many more damn details do you need.this had better be corrected immediately or I will sue all of you. You have no legal right to post anything concerning my deceased husband's death.

There is a reason his obituary was written the way it was. Now you can contact me within 72 hours or I will be contacting my attorney.

My family and I suffered enough when my husband was murdered by a damn drunk *** head so I suggest you contact me again. I hope I have made myself perfectly clear on this matter.

Product or Service Mentioned: Find A Grave Genealogy Record.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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MinuteBengalTiger, you made yourself abundantly clear by demanding PissedConsumer contact you about a Find A Grave memorial. I'm sure they jumped right on that and resolved the situation to your satisfaction. rofl


It's a pity so many people write messages with serious content here, believing that somehow they are addressing somebody who can fix it. This is about the same as writing to Volvo if something just went wrong with your Maytag washing machine.

I feel sure they would be sympathetic, but there isn't a thing they can do about it.Next thing you know more people write messages supporting the assertion, but guess what. They aren't getting any closer to a workable solution than the original. Here's an idea for those folks being swept up in righteous anger: Calm down, think about who you want to talk to about it, then do that.

Volvo loves ya, baby. But they can't fix your Maytag.


People that works or call their self curators have removed their family links. So no one can look them up on facebook or google .

Hey i am all for that but Members that have been on findagrave 14 years have looked them up on facebook sent out a bulk email by one of there 5 fake accounts so its not linked back to there main account . Thats been removed and they just keep getting it back. Now she is worse than ever becaues she out done fag again now no one has ever had there account removed 5 times and back on it ,plus 6 other accounts , facebook you can read all about her the person orders member what they can or can not do but she does what ever like census, obit, living people, leaves flowers for a raise out of member but she fall all to crap when members do it to her family. Then she plays i make so many graves it wasn't me it was the 30 people that has turn me in for the last month .

I looked one day a member account was stopped 4 days later she made another account and use the number 4 in her user name maybe becaues it was the 4th account or 4 days after her last account Also used her name and she knew she could she left a message saying it was her why her main account was turn off , Then a week later they turned her account back on after 3 months being off, I seen the papers that members had saved and shared on a group on facebook now she has around 6 accounts I was Shock every one was . Now a person remember the beyone she has got his delete.Mary sent t information on how number 4 got back on and fag she is friends with a curator i was told, But why would they chance its when they have rules that go against what she is doing when member print everthing .Ancestry doent need that out there, its not good, when it finally come out people will come out of the wood work. My point Curators do not want their things shared like living family, kids names, address. or some one looking up there email or address , Doing every thing now to hind it, but its to late .

Curators or who ever would puts there self in the guys place about the obit please just think about it, treat the members like you treat your family graves thats all any one wants. If your mother or father dies dont you want their graves or there brother and sisters, Give me any name on a obit i can tell you where they live a picture of there house what they paid for that house and on and on that why members do not want obits use on findagrave not to be mean but to be safe it a crazy world we live in thanks .some will say its Tipton no its not he could not watch all the graves, it people that work for the company that they do not know they are mole in there company ,

to Polly Sue Wilkes #1479426

Not everyone is treated fairly on this site. There are lots of people there with at least a 1/2 dozen accounts.

If you ask me , these folks are deceptive liars! PLUS, they are stalkers there who I find extremely creepy & aggravating!

to DishonestLameBrains #1481869



Nor One Day members....... Just trackers out to cause probs!


The only reason anyone would have more than one account is for getting into mischief. It looks pretty dishonest to me......

Also they only want to harass others. These folks need to be kick off with their multiple accounts permanently.

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