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As have many others, I have encountered very annoying problems with the new Find A Grave site:

I have discovered that if a person is linked to an incorrect spouse, it is now impossible to delete the link to the incorrect spouse and replace the incorrect spouse with the correct spouse

I have further discovered that if any edits at all are pending, it is now impossible to submit additional edits until the edits that are pending have been processed.

I agree that the new Find A Grave site is a fiasco! I do not think that I will be using Find A Grave as much as I have been for years anymore, and I will certainly no longer refer people to Find A Grave like I once did.

Product or Service Mentioned: Find A Grave Website.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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My sediments also.Find A Grave is no longer user friendly. No matter how we try, always some problem(s) pop up.


It IS possible to submit additional edits just not on the SAME ITEM. If you submitted an edit for one of the Name fields, no one else will be able to submit another Name edit until yours is processed but they (or you) can submit edits for the Dates, Inscription, Plot and Relationship links (again, as long as there is no pending edit for that field).

This does not include anything submitted on the "Suggest other corrections" option. These are NO different than on the old site. It is possible to correct a spousal link.

You just have to do it from the memorial that it was made on. If that was a dupe that has been merged, you write to Find A Grave's "edit" address and request the link be removed.

@J Hernandez Chirst

Oh, my bad. I forgot that we are in the age of "truth isn't truth". smh


I think it's now called "alternate truth." It has truthiness in it, mebbe. Reminds me a bit of taking a large mallet and attempting to ring the bell at the fairgrounds.

Roll on, Tide of Truthiness! Roll right over the answer that solves your problem by downvoting it! Report any agreement with that answer and get that deleted as well!

Computers are saving us so much time and energy - except they have to be checked to see if they got it right. I wonder what this is trying to tell us, if anything.


Are you one of those funny dudes or dudest's who leave flowers every day on the very same memorials day after day? you know ther are more than 12 memorials on this site besides yours and Buelas. What with that?


some of the so called duplicates or DUPES as you say also have more information written on them. The DUPE that was made by the family and belonging to the family which it was made for should also be able to keep their darn DUPE!


So glad Find A Grave administration doesn't believe in rewarding bad behavior. We're supposed to be adults. Adults should be able to follow simple rules - like "only one memorial per person".


Some have spread sheets and do nothing, but maybe half name with no dates... They wait around like vultures in a masquerade party waiting for someone else to enter their hard search work and then confiscate their info from the worker Bee.

These thieves have the gall to yell duplicate after they have copied all the info to their own memorial from the new memorial with tons of info. Pretty low !


Many of us feel exactly the same way. I don't know who is running the show at FAG but I am sure they don't do genealogy.

It would be interesting to know just how many in the 40-49, 50-69, 70-79, 80-89, 90 -100 use FAG. All the older ones I know DO NOT LIKE the new FAG.

The old one was easy to use. An 86 year old.