Didnt want parents headstone put out there for everyone to see. Its nobodies business but the family.

And I dont want rotten relatives finding the grave. Its an invasion of someones privacy.

Even kept the death out of the obituary and these *** go and put the headstone online. Bravo you jerks.

Location: Waterbury, Connecticut

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They did the same thing to my family without our permission. We are not a member of this website so how can they just walk up to a persons headstone and put it online.

Something needs to be done about this. I feel I should seek legal action in this matter.


A person's right to privacy dies with them. So photographing a headstone isn't an invasion of anyone's rights.


So, it’s ok for the world to go to the cemetery and see the headstones?...


I don’t want someone especially a stranger and taking a picture of it and putting it online. That’s an invasion of privacy.

I didn’t say anything about people who pass by it in the cemetery. They have a right to be there to see their family members who have passed. No one but no one has the right to walk up to someone’s stone take a picture of it and put it online. Especially without permission.

If you think that’s ok to do than that’s your business, but this is mine. So mind your own business.


I think they mean when the picture is online, Moron.

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