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New cemetery

I have created a new cemetery but with the wrong family name. How can I rename or delete and start over?


Not liking the “New format”

Does anyone else not like the new format???

And some of the photos that people have added are not showing up on the new format memorials. Why not?

Needs another redesign


Memorial I created now under some other person

I created a memorial for my father and when I went to his memorial another individual is listed as the manager. I am the only child my father was an only child.

This person is not related in any way. How did this happen? I put in all the information and photos and in my managed memorial list he was removed at some point. How does that happen?

Is it a glitch between the old and new sites?

I find myself feeling sick over this, I just recently lost my father and today would have been his birthday. I realize that it probably was not intentional but I want this fixed.


Linking siblings when parents' graves are not found

Please add a box (similar to the spouse boxes) in order to to add siblings. Many times the parents' graves have either not been found or documented and I'd like to be able to link the siblings.

Thank you for providing this service.


can't log in

I can't sign in to my account. My e-mail is: and my password is topaz. What is the problem?


New site

No where on your new site does it tell you how to stroll through the online cemetery. I am ready to cancel my account.


Log in

I am trying to log-in. Says I have to change my password.

Tried to. Won't accept. Says I have to go to a new site?

I really like find-a-grave. I'd like to be able to use it.



How do I change my email it won't let me



How can you add an obituary to findagrave? I have transcribed a newspaper from my parents' hometown and would like to add them to the headstones I can find in the Roselawn Cemetery.


memorial numbers

not able to find on new site where to type in memorial number . Please help. I have the numbers for my family but do not know where to go to use them,


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