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Deceased contributor

How to have a memorial transferred when a contributor is deceased


I tank you in advance.


I’m glad you are “tankful” :) If a contributor has desceased, the memorial will more than likely be managed by find a grave itself. You will still follow the same procedure as usual, going through the suggest other corrections.

There is a chance the contributor assigned a “steward”, or another person who now manages the memorial. Either way, you’d still follow the same procedure.


Two cemeteries same place changed name.

I added 14 memorials to Days Springs Cemetery # 888199 now someone charged the name to Spring Place Memorial Cemetery and also add the same memorials I did need help. C.East # 46814387

Ann McDonald

You can contact to Find A Grave customer support for help by email at or send them a written request to the Find A Grave Bucks headquarters: 1300 W Traverse Pkwy, Lehi, Utah 84043-5373.



How can I contact another of the Find A Grave site? I see that one is a cousin of mine & I have no other way to locate him.

Irene Moore

You can try to reach out to Find A Grave customer support for assistance by email at You can also send them a written request to the Find A Grave Bucks headquarters: 1300 W Traverse Pkwy, Lehi, Utah 84043-5373.


New finds of Cemetery's

My question is how do you get a Cemetery listed on your site that is not listed ?


Previous find a grave account # 47537224

by EvasiveHawk808

My computer crashed. And, I am no longer able to sign in to the above account.

I have 1,067 memorials there and I would like to continue to service them. I was unable to change the email address and password to the above account. So, I made a new account. I am now using this email address: Loveall,

And # 49873151. Is it possible for you to either change the email address on the first account or/or transfer my original records to this new account? I have limited ability using a computer. However, I have much pride in making the memorials and getting families linked together.

I have worked on my family tree since 1977. And Find a grave has located many missing family members that I searched for many years.. I thank you for making such a web site. I love it very much.

Dorene Loveall.

from Porterville CA. 93257



by ThunderingSpider400

How do we use the Clipboard on find a grave. Also how do we down load to Family Search.

I am a member of Family Search. Thank You Shirley Cukale


memorial number

by IntentionalKudu

The memorial number assigned to my mom (34718930) appears to be wrong. How would I fix this?

I noticed it when I linked her to my dad. Her name doesn't come up. I searched the FAQ's and didn't see anything about this sort of thing. Can you please help?

Thank you P.S. I'm not Pissed this is just the only place I found to ask this question ;)


log in

by GuiltlessStingray497

have tried 3 times on getting help with log, all they want is 5 dollars. I paid the first, but I will not pay another


Town Addition

by SteepLynx

I'm trying to add a memorial, but the Sherburne Village, Chenango County is not in your data base. How do I get it added? Greg Black


Add description to cemetery

How do I add a description to a family cemetery?. I was not the one that originally added it to

Founded by a great great grandfather, I have information including early history that I would like to share.

As it now stands there is no link to do so! HELP!


My Account

by AcademicRussianBlue

I am unable to get in to my Find A Grave account.....No problem with the new sight, just won't accept my password for my account. Please Help me...


New cemetery

I have created a new cemetery but with the wrong family name. How can I rename or delete and start over?


To get a cemetery renamed, you need to be signed into the fine a grave forums. From there, go to the Cemetery Corrections forum, read the original post by an administrator named “Mark”, then reply to the post with a link to the cemetery and the name you would like to change it to. Hope this helps.


Not liking the “New format”

by OverjoyedDuck

Does anyone else not like the new format???

And some of the photos that people have added are not showing up on the new format memorials. Why not?

Needs another redesign


Memorial I created now under some other person

by WildBongo

I created a memorial for my father and when I went to his memorial another individual is listed as the manager. I am the only child my father was an only child.

This person is not related in any way. How did this happen? I put in all the information and photos and in my managed memorial list he was removed at some point. How does that happen?

Is it a glitch between the old and new sites?

I find myself feeling sick over this, I just recently lost my father and today would have been his birthday. I realize that it probably was not intentional but I want this fixed.


Linking siblings when parents' graves are not found

Please add a box (similar to the spouse boxes) in order to to add siblings. Many times the parents' graves have either not been found or documented and I'd like to be able to link the siblings.

Thank you for providing this service.


can't log in

by PerkyPossum

I can't sign in to my account. My e-mail is: and my password is topaz. What is the problem?


New site

No where on your new site does it tell you how to stroll through the online cemetery. I am ready to cancel my account.


Yes, there is a way you can do a random stroll. If you read through the find a grave forums, there have been numerous post about this.


Log in

by NormalToad

I am trying to log-in. Says I have to change my password.

Tried to. Won't accept. Says I have to go to a new site?

I really like find-a-grave. I'd like to be able to use it.



How do I change my email it won't let me



How can you add an obituary to findagrave? I have transcribed a newspaper from my parents' hometown and would like to add them to the headstones I can find in the Roselawn Cemetery.

Aaron Gullison

You can add them in the "Bio" section.


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