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This member, Ken Nagel, copied my mother's obituary from the funeral website (I presume) because he also loaded the picture that I gave the funeral home. He had the picture large, I don't like it and I can not change it because "HE" is the administrator of MY mother's information.

I have emailed him but not sure it went thru - have not heard from him. I read in you rules that "No scans of obituaries or newspaper articles" are to be used or "No obituary photographs" and "No photos taken from any websites". He has done all of these. I want his control released from my mother's listing #174695234.

I too am a member and use your site while working on my Ancestry entries. To me he is abusing a privilege.

I would appreciate help in this matter. Thank you, Judy Peterson

Product or Service Mentioned: Find A Grave Profile.

Reason of review: Administrator's use of info on site.

Preferred solution: Control of #174695234 released by Ken Nagel #47221898.

Find A Grave Pros: Ability to search for a gravesite, Nice site, Photos of grave markers.

Find A Grave Cons: Posting of incorrect information.

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If you had contacted they would have removed the obituary photo very quickly. Problem solved. But for whatever reason you have taken to this site to complain about an issue that could have been easily resolved.


Complaining here won't help you. Contact to get help.


Don't trust any Nagel, Naggle or a pre-Nadal. All CHEATS!!!


Report them to the FBI for identity theft.


Identity theft did not occur, you ***!