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Hi, I am BJS #48745848.I have been researching for over 8 years now through, books, and personal interviews of my husband, and my family line.

I only have 48 Memorials that I manage and have made 9 Memorials. While I love *** I am still finding people who refuse to transfer ownership to me when they are my direct line. I really need help with Suki Davey #47883436 who has refused me my direct Great-Grandparents about 3 times. I have asked politely and her last comment was for me to understand the hundreds of hours people have spent in research and time.

Also, she told me, a transfer does not have to happen automatically. I would like to manage Alberic Mondville, #128068862, as He is my direct Great- Pepere, and my direct great-Memere Leocadie Levesque dit Lafrance Mondville #128068996. They are not in SUKI DAVEY direct French blood line. She has practically the entire St.

Joseph Cemetery in Biddeford, Maine.

This is not right as I have many, many family members there and they are not hers.Help!

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I liked: Helping future generation relatives find pertinent.

I didn't like: Inactive memorial manager, Getting screwed over.

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I also find your actual Find A Grave page very interesting, BJS.

Your bio page states the following:

"The Memorial Page on Find a Grave should be packed with information."

...yet, in looking at all 9 of the entries you have created, ONLY ONE has a copy/paste obit and the other EIGHT are COMPLETELY bare other than dates and linking - no bios, no photos - so, why the discrepancy here????You haven't added a single photo to any entry on the site.

All this 'research" and family history information, but not a DROP on these entries?

I also see some of the messages left on your page, and it's apparent you don't play well with others when denied a transfer. No photos, no sharing unless you "have" the entry.

Ever think about writing and submitting a nice bio or adding photos to an entry you DON'T manage to show your interest and your desire to SHARE to make the memorial a really nice one.....????never mind, I have my answer.

Boise, Idaho, United States #1325959

I understand your frustration.I have a similar situation with a Find A Grave contributor (***) that only goes by the name “Barb” and her *** ID is: #46936813.

Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, this “Barb character” does not allow public comments on her personal *** page.

Here’s my story. I took care of my mother in my home for the last five years of her life and as you might imagine it was particularly intense and difficult for the 11 months that she was on hospice prior to her death on May 20, 2015. I had been a *** member for about 3 ½ years at the time of my mother’s death and was able to have other *** contributors transfer management of some of my family’s memorials over to me. Within a week after I took care of my mother’s funeral and final affairs I created a memorial for her on Find A Grave and linked other family members to her memorial (#146770767).

However, one of my cousins brought to my attention the fact that there was another memorial for my mother that had been created by this “Barb character” the day after my mother’s death (May 21, 2015) that consisted primarily of her obituary and the pictures that we included in her obituary. I immediately contacted this “Barb” person and informed her of who I was and that I had created a much more detailed memorial for my mother and requested that she delete the one that she had created. This “Barb person” has never replied to my initial an subsequent messages and what’s strange is that she...

Hard to believe, but I now recognize that there are “*** contributors” who are nothing more than psychologically disturbed competitors engaged in a contest of who can create and manage the most memorials on Find A Grave. That’s kinda sick – eh?

I had given up on attempting to get my mother’s memorial transferred over to me until just a few days ago; I suppose because the two-year anniversary of her death is approaching rapidly.

Anyway… I wrote a message regarding this matter to the curators/managers/administrators at Find A Grave this past Friday.I’ll let you, this forum, and my attorney know what transpires regarding this peculiar and highly unethical situation.

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Are they your actual great grandparents (not 2nd, 3rd or more)?

to Dedicated Graver #1318023

What do you mean by ACTUAL? What else would they be?

to Anonymous #1318628

Many people requesting a transfer say "great grandparent" when the "actual" relationship is 2nd great grandparent, 3rd great grandparent, 4th great grandparent, etc.

to Dedicated Graver #1318665

If a family requests a transfer of 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th grandparents and they are not YOUR family ---- Then transfer all of them to the family who wishes to have them and WHO they belong too. Family members can do a much better job with Biographies as these people are their biological family members!

to Dedicated Graver #1343228

Members should be more concerned about having accurate memorials than whether or not they "manage" every relative.

to Anonymous #1329461

No need to ask for transfers for ancestors to you, because it wont happen very often.Some do it out of honesty BUT.....

some people on this site are far to grumpy, whiny and gripe for even asking for such a thing..... and do mean things for revenge for even asking. Some are not all together upstairs in the noodle department.

Just stay away from the achy, grouchy, old grumps!There are too many neurotic people there who grumble complain constantly.

Duluth, Georgia, United States #1315699

Simple fix versus whining here about it.

Determine if you REALLY REALLY REALLY NEED to have management of the entries.

If you feel you do, send an email to Support@findagrave dot com with links to the memorials for your great-grandparents.

In this email, request transfers of these great-grandparents to your account based on the four-generation Family First rule.

CLEARLY state your relationship to the deceased.

WAIT - it will not happen overnight but these entries WILL be transferred to you within a few weeks.

This family relationship is a required transfer UNLESS the memorial manager is more closely related.

Then move on and do something to make a difference on the site versus being a gimme-grabber - you've made 9 entries but manage 48?You are a relative collector.

to ItsNotDifficultFolks #1316497

They are NOT closer related to my grandparents!They are insane BULLIES & GREEDY SICKOS!

Most are not even related ......not even 20 generations back!Orrrr whatever!

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