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Reply to Post Number 1364383 by GoodCitizen 8-28-2017...I'm writing (REPLY)'s in order of your (YOU) statements, to make sure I address all your accusations...

(YOU) You said "Examples" but didn't give any evidence to refute my statements, just more claims. (REPLY) Your Right, I gave all supporting documents to Ancestry, NOT YOU... (YOU) The admins do not "own" the memorials; Find A Grave does. (REPLY) Correct any dummy knows that.

(YOU) Employees are paid to do their job, according to the company's policies, and do not own the company's assets. THAT is a "Real Truth"!.. (REPLY) I never said anything about Employees owning the company's assets - Now THAT is another "Real Truth"!... (YOU) Yes, the admins (employees) can override any text...primarily because a.) the text violates their policy in some way; or b.) they were asked to make the change by another member who provided documentation because the manager refused.

(REPLY) Manager Refused...What a Joke, you are referring to myself and others that were NEVER asked to change anything before *** violated us... (YOU) I've been on the site for many years (ergo, experience IS my research) and seen a fair number of people kicked off the site. Every single time it was because the MEMBER would not follow the site's rules. (REPLY) You say you have been on the site for many years (ergo, experience IS my (your) research); Why did you capitalized "IS", since you keep making unintelligent statements?

Coupled with words of Proven lies being, "EVERY & ALWAYS" ? ... (YOU) "If we believe, in our sole discretion, that you are acting inconsistently with the letter or spirit of these Terms, including the Community Rules, or if we are required to do so by law, we may limit, suspend or terminate your access to the Websites and Service at any time and without the need of obtaining a judicial resolution in this regard. We also reserve the right to suspend or terminate your access to the Websites for any reason.

... (REPLY) You Wrote the word "WE" several times, soooo you are an employee of find-a-grave and/or an admin. that once again is wearing blinders to the "Real Truth of *** dealings, as I had predicted in my first interaction with you on 8-18-2017 Post Number 1361428... (YOU) They told you right there in plain writing that they can and would ban you "for any reason"...

(REPLY) NOW FINALLY YOU ADMIT TO BEING GUILTLY. When you said 'for any reason' you should have really said 'AND FOR NO REASON"... (YOU) We are GUESTS of the site. We have to follow their rules, even when we don't like them.

It's that way on just about every site but too few read the fine print to know they can't do anything they want. ALWAYS acquaint yourself with and follow the rules of any website you use. Don't make up your own rules. Don't think you can do whatever you want...

(REPLY) Of my seven years on ***... I and all my relatives, friends and acquaintances that have been hurt by admins DID FOLLOW ALL the *** rules and you CANNOT SUGAR COAT the FOUL Actions of ***, PERIOD... (YOU) There's no way for users to know how many admins there are or what their names are. You also mentioned "I sent them [Ancestry] as requested, all my proof documents for them to see the wrongful action a W.Va.

Raleigh County admin". That statement leads me to believe you are confusing MEMBERS with admins because admins are not assigned locations...(REPLY) Only person Confused Here is you !!! I was told by this admin, that his/her area is Raleigh Co., W.Va., and AGAIN I HAVE WRITTEN PROOF OF, that YES I sent to Ancestry, NOT YOU. Here's my Question to you, "Are you not tired of your constant Self-Proclaimed Clean-Handed Innocence" ???

Well we are of folks who think like you !!! .... (YOU) It also sounds like you created duplicates and/or "unknown burials" and your memorials were MERGED into the legitimate memorials. That's standard operating procedure (S.O.P.) and covered in the FAQs...

(REPLY) AGAIN ANOTHER STUPID Statement... NO I DID NOT created duplicates and/or "unknown burials" or anything else... I did absolutely nothing wrong, and do NOT care what you believe MIGHT have happened... STOP guessing and showing your ignorance.

Again Ancestry has all the proof and the witness documentation's... (YOU) Again, S.O.P. Banned members have another commonality: they NEVER admit they did anything wrong... (REPLY) SO FOOLISH..

Here is the "Real Truth Rephrased", (S.O.P.) standard operating procedure, EMPLOYEES have another commonality: they NEVER admit they did anything wrong... In Conclusion: With this writing to you in regards to your Criticism and Accusations, I will NO longer entertain any of your remarks.

As I earlier wrote you on 8-18-2017, Post Number: 1361428...I REPEAT "Come down out of your ivory tower and do some personal research, and thus find the Real Truths." Additionally, Stop being Pigheaded and Embarrassing Yourself.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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