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I did as you suggested earlier went to my profile and selected Member option under following and put in a name. The problem is it only shows born and died.

It does not allow you the oppurtunity to put the city, county, and state you think they are buried in.By listing without the city, county, state it is drawn from the US as a whole.

Could you email me instructions in FAG to do this search. My email address is

Reason of review: Access/ activation issues.

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Click on the FindAGrave logo and go to the homepage. Type in the name of the person you’re searching for, and the cemetery location you believe they are buried in.

The Cemetery Location field must be entered as city, county, state and country. The actual name of the cemetery at this point is irrelevant so don’t try to search on it . Example: say you’re searching for John Doe, and you think he’s buried in he’s cemetery in Denver. Type in “Denver, CO” and a list of possible cemetery locations should show below.

Pick the one you want to look in and enter. You can cross check a search by entering in the name of the person you were looking for, and the city and state do you think they’re buried in into a Google search engine.

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