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Well...........adding required number of words.......... if you had issues with findagrave before, your troubles are just beginning.

yada yada yada yada yada bought the site and will make a fortune withholding in for mation unless you join and pay them a month ly fee. Boy cott, seems to be your only way to protest and let off steam. I think I will delete all pictures I've posted on findagrave before they start charging for people to access them.

Stop reading now, I'm still adding words and making two words out of one, for the min imum 100 word re quire ment. Sorry about that

Still add ing words.

Gu ess I'll just ha ve to go back and cou nt the num ber of words that i have typed.

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There were tons of problems before Ancestry ever took over the site. Ancestry seems to deal a bit better with the BULLIES. Bulling seems to be the biggest problem there along with some very insane stalkers who have multiple accounts just to harass members, which they also have no life outside of fg.

to LowbeatTyrants #1576526

Speaking of no life this one who has 219,000 memorials and to top it off gets adamant when you ask for a transfer. These people put up memorials and when someone edits it with the proper information that person gets no credit whatsoever.

The site itself is riddled with errors much like Ancestry, Family search, My Heritage, and all the rest.

The members do all the work and the owners get the cheque. Than again slavery is nothing new to America.

to LowbeatTyrants #1577552

I have to agree with you. I have come across a few very old members there who completely lose their composure when asking them for a family to be transferred over to me.

These oddballs completely flip-out and have involuntary seizures . They think it is halloween all year around.

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