Madison, Wisconsin
While there are a lot of things right about, there are also a lot of things many to list here. But there are certain people who are literally ruining that site for everyone else. One of those is "MonkeyMom."

MonkeyMom (#47515129) />

Find A Grave member for 1 year, 6 months, 20 days
Her Stats: 90,596 # Memorials Added
•90,375 Memorials Managed
•1,105 Memorials per week

In reality 90,569 of the names she copied and pasted from one FREE ONLINE database to another.

How does a woman from Texas transcribe so many MINNESOTA cemeteries NEVER stepping foot in the state of Minnesota?

This is how!

MonkeyMom is lifting (and taking assumed credit) the work that for the many years John Dalby, his wife (and local Minnesota volunteers) have put in to contibuting to the "Dalby Database." />

Dalby Database History
Some people may think they have a crazy hobby, but one that has made them many new friends. John suffered a heart attack in 1981. Was unable to return to work. While recovering his cousin called and ask for some family history information. So he got interested in this and joined the Rice County Genealogy Society.

He started walking cemeteries in 1983 and Jan joined him when she could. They finished Rice County and in doing so, they decided to walked other cemeteries in selected counties in southern Minnesota.

This lead to indexing history books, plats, and newspaper articles. Recording church records, marriages, birth, Civil War veterans and city directories of Rice County.

We acknowledge and thank the Minnesota Genealogical Society for the data they have allowed us to use. New data is entered and updated daily.

John & Jan Dalby
Faribault, Mn. />

MonkeyMom's bio claims it is to help people.

My question is, how is this Texas woman helping anyone by duplicating what is all ready free and online and adding it to findagrave??

The answer to that: SHE IS NOT!

She is likely competing for Jim Tipton's trophy page for his top 50 contributors.
Typically these people do not walk cemeteries or transcribe old church burial records themselves. They merely copy and paste the work of others who went to the trouble of hiking and transcribing these old cemeteries. They then take credit for another person's labor by transferring it to findagrave.

In the case of MonkeyMom, she doesn't even check if what she's entering is a duplicate, she just enters them in anyway and then waits for people to complain that it's a duplicate.

DUE TO THE FACT THAT THE INFORMATION SHE HAS LIFTED IS FREE AND ONLINE, SHE HAS DENIED the family of those who want the ability to create a memorial on their own, and control it's accuracy and content.

This MonkeyMom has, however, generously created rules for everyone to follow, for editing her stolen information rather than allow you to just create the memorial yourself...

YES REALLY!!!! />I am happy to add or correct information for you on memorials. I am happy to transfer anyone you might be connected too, other than anyone related to me; just ask. PLEASE request any of the above by using the "Edit" tab on EACH person and state your connection. I only make changes and transfers that come to me by using the EDIT TAB. Please limit your transfer requests to TWELVE (12) per week.

MonkeyMom has denied both of this child's parents request, when they asked her to not demean their child's life by using his death as a prize to get on the top 50 contributor page that Jim Tipton has on FindAGrave. It appears that MonkeyMom's goal is to exploit and demean the deaths of as many children as she can possibly get just so long as she can get her name on the Top Contributor page. />
This mother of six gets her rocks off on tormenting people who have lost small children outside her state. To win a competition of who can copy and paste the most dead peoples names to findagrave she achieves her numbers not by getting up off her *** and walking a cemetery, but gives herself credit by ripping off someone else who does.

Product or Service Mentioned: Find A Grave Genealogy Record.

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Contributor 47515129 is an awful Find A Graver. Since she is a high numbers person Find A Grave allows her to get away with some disgraceful stuff Her inaccurate transcribing of online cemetery listings has really messed up the listings in my local counties. But Find A Grave does nothing to stop her blatant disregard of accuracy


Monkeymom aka SG member 47515129 is back. She now uses the alias of Mookie


#47515129 MokeyMom a.k.a. SG has been shut down. I don't know if she has been permanently suspended or temporarily shut down but as of right now her numbers game is at a standstill.


Tipton is a THEIF and a ***. The SOB needs to be locked up.

And all those *** hoarders/collectors are nothing but pitiful, miserable little self-loathing maggots with no life of their own.

Alana M

I completely understand. I have experienced harassment from some of the people on that site. I have been stalked and had years worth of work deleted due to some of those crusty old women playing the numbers games with people's deaths. I went to the web address you posted for the monkeywoman and it says member #0 and only a member for 1 day. Not sure what that's about but there is only one person and his wife that could possibly make that appear on the member's page. What the intent of this is, I don't have a clue.

I filed a complaint with the BBB and they contacted f.a.g. twice. The first time was ignored and the second time they claimed they had no idea who I was. That's a complete lie because I saved some of my posts.

Keep doing what you are doing because by making this public and filing complaints sooner or later they will get shut down. Contact online news sources, newspapers, television stations, whatever it takes. We are all in this together and we can't give up....until they are completely offline, once and for all!


This complaint is exactly why the federal government should shut down that web site. f.a.g.

continually violates laws and common courtsey. I encourage all of you with complaints to not only voice them here in this forum but also with the better business bureau of utah.


BBB is useless. Better a class action lawsuit or massive copyright violation lawsuit. Those will get his attention as he and Ancestry lose money for the actions of the admins and bullies.


Deepest Sympathies the loss of your precious one.

F.A.G. members are already creating memorials for the little ones that were killed at sandy they feast on the deaths of our loved ones.


Please report Monkey Mom to findagrave at or . In the subject put Copyright Violation.

Report that copyrighted information was been used to create the memorial include a link to the memorial. The administration may or may not help it depends if it goes to one of the few adminstrators that has a heart as most are heartless vampires like deb dash.


Unfortunately, the few admins that care won't address a take down notice unless it is filed by the copyright holder. Smarter admins would take them down to avoid being part of the copyright lawsuit that will eventually be filed by one of the largest law firms in the country. Their inaction will find them culpable.

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