I had contributed over 15,000 memorials and even more pictures to Find A Grave when someone decided she wanted the memorials I posted for a particular cemetery. Not only did this person get me banished from F.A.G. she took over all the memorials (over a 1,000) I had posted for that cemetery even though allegedly F.A.G. doesn't simply transfer large numbers of memorials simply because someone wants them. Now I've noticed she is slowly having the memorials I posted deleted so she can add a duplicate of what I originally posted so that she can look like the originator of the memorial for that person.

Additionally she has also reused some of my pictures as if she had taken them. This same person also doesn't bother to consider if the person listed on the tombstone is dead yet. For example if the memorial doesn't have a death date inscribed she posts a memorial for that person even though they may not be dead yet.

Rather than banning someone like her they ban the person who complains about her. The administrators play favorites and apply the rules as it suits them. By their actions they discourage people trying to be helpful and have good memorials with good info to honor the deceased and encourage rotten behavior especially in the forum.

Find A Grave has many nice features but the way it is being run and used, often by mean, petty and controlling persons, makes it a website to avoid. They've gotten all they are ever going to get out of me including the gas I used, wear and tear on my car and my body in taking all those pictures as well as my time posting the memorials and pictures. From the complaints I've seen on this website alone I'm not the only one that has been royally screwed by Find A Grave.

Product or Service Mentioned: Find A Grave Forum.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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This person that you are talking about is actually an admin. They are trained to do this.

If you manage 1,000 memorials you could at any time delete the memorials. This person that stole your memorials does not care about the memorial they only care about making money for the company. Once an admin "manages" the memorial nobody can delete it and that memorial will make money for the company for years to come. They dont want to look bad so the admins use fake "member names" that is why if you complain you never see the trouble maker deleted.

Oh sometimes if it becomes obvious they may "pretend" to delete the member but actually they just make up a new name. This is not an ethical company... they use people and the dead. They also have your computer's IP address that they gained when you originally registered so you could log in.

Dont waste your time creating a new account with a new name or even new email... they will know its you if you use the same computer because it will have the same IP address. I had a computer expert tell me exactly how they play their game.

Greed... that is all this site is about.


That's because the person that did this, is an admin. They hide behind names and such.

There are several pending lawsuits against these people. Report them to the BBB, keep posting in forums, file complaints for copyright violations, send articles and evidence to any online news sources you can find that will post it. The more evidence that piles up, the faster we will be able to shut this site down.

They are nothing more than a pack of liars and thieves over there - and everyone knows it. Especially the admins who are the worst offenders of them all.


I dont know how can she the original creator when you can look at the dates created and see it that she isn't.


Admins were busted for changing dates in the database so their buddies appeared to have the oldest memorial. They were bragging about it. Don't know if they are still doing it, but when a memorial #Z (1,000 for example) has an earlier date than memorial #Y (memorial 999), something's wrong.


Forget the dead ,get a life.