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I am horrified that Find A Grave allows people that are not family to enter memorials within the first year of their death.

I should not have to BEG to get my grandson’s memorial, the person should be banned or put on probation for this sick violation.

Then stealing my copyrighted photo and obituary. This is MY work, my story to tell!

I haven’t even told my daughter. When my grandson was stillborn we lost every first he would ever have, then Bradley 47916397 STOLE this first from me!

Now he can keep entering other memorials, violating the mourning period of the family, but refuses to respond to me.

Rack up your numbers buddy, while you Abuse the devastation of those grieving.

Product or Service Mentioned: Find A Grave Website.

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First, my condolences on your loss. Second, were you a member of Find A Grave before the stillbirth? If so, you should have known there is no waiting period to add memorials for the recently deceased.


My stillborn great grand daughter was added too.She had a funeral, casket and burial plot with marker.I went to add her to transfer over to my grand daughter but she had already been added. Fortunately she was added by my oldest son's wife who added for the same reason as I wanted to.Gotta realize folk, people don't add to rack up numbers, I mean whats the prize here?


I just want to say Thank You to the volunteers that do the this has helped my family and myself find out a lot about our loved ones that have departed! Thank You!


I had that happen with my grandfather. I found his memorial shortly after his death, added by someone no one knew.

I contacted him, asked if he was family. when he replied that he was not (which I already knew) I expressed my displeasure and asked him to transfer my pap's memorial to me. Silence. And he disabled his messages.

I contacted Findagrave and they eventually transferred it to me.Later, the same man had listed a close friends memorial. I realized that this guy (Dick Quenzer) would input all the obits of the day from the online newspaper, and if there was a picture, he'd post that too. That's very shitty!He must get off on having created thousands of memorials.I've had other issues with findagrave. Nothing was done when someone trolled all my memorials, copied my photos, did some editing and reposted the photo!

I got chastised by findagrave , rather rudely, that i sent them too many emails.

I'm done with it. Deleted my account.

to donewithfindagrave #1551699

If you couldn't follow the rules, that's probably for the best.


There are a few problem people in every group. Many people spend hours walking cemeteries and photographing headstones, some get the list of all graves from the cemetery and painstakingly entering every one so people who don't live in the area can find out where relatives are buried.

Some do use obituaries to make memorials if one does not yet exist including recent deaths. Maybe they entered the whole cemetery and are trying to stay ahead of new burials to keep the cemetery page up to date.If you ask for a memorial and they are not closely related, contact Find A Grave and ask them to have it transferred as long as you are a close relative. I think that includes grand parents, aunts, uncles, children etc.

I have been a volunteer for about 15 years and if I am asked to transfer a memorial of their family member I do. If someone asks and isn't related, the rule is no transfer.Find A Grave is driven by volunteers, nobody is paid to do this work, it is something we enjoy, helping identify where people are buried so others researching can find them.

to Photocrazy #1458919

I believe family belongs to family and not to a few deranged bullies and dysfunctional members there. You are probably on of the better ones who respects family.

However, there are some there who are down right bitter , hateful old fools who just like to push and shove. Probably do it outside of the site as well.

to EntitledFoolsYawn #1461346

Look on the funny side of this website..... Theres lots of funny photographs of hilarious looking contributors and what these folks write is even funnier.

Just set back and watch 6 people who leave flower gifs every day. what a strange group! But it is all worth a good laugh!!

Try adding a memorial..... will help the site .


I agree with you 100%. I have come across several memorial's that are relation to me.

A couple years ago I wanted to put a memorial down for my great-grandfather, only to find out one was posted already. No correct date on his birth or death, only what they had looked up on the net.

It's like they scan the newspapers or net for death records just to get a number count..I think ancestor should definitely put something down on the Find a Grave website that asks how they are related to the person they are setting a memorial for. Should be relatives only are able to post memorials

to DecentCommonFrog #1458162

Indeed a lot of family going back at least 4 - 5 generations have hoarder *** writing their Biographies for their memorials, and who as well are not related to us nor our direct family lines of genealogy, and if you ask for your families memorial by the hissing snake who manages the memorial you might only get a hateful reply by some cranky old bag, or some grumpy old feller! Many of us are treated like dirt dogs for even asking for our own family memorials.

I cannot deal with a few den snakes hanging out there daily! All they care about are number accumulations--- and its Kind of disgusting!

to CommonToads #1459335

I'll sum-up it for you......... What is going on there is complete Idiocracy...go see the movie (2006 ) it explains it all ;)

to CommonToads #1468095

I would like to be able to BLOCK some of the crazies on this memorial-site! A few unstable stalkers who are only there to cause problems!

to Hammerheads #1474144

I totally agree! The stalkers there are completely off there rockers!

to Hammerheads #1493392

Oh...........! some who make and leave flowers are huge in the stalking.... Eh....some need to be blocked!!

to DecentCommonFrog #1458730

Find a Grave is all volunteers that go to cemeteries and walk through them and photography headstones so relatives around the world will know where they are and can use it as a source for their genealogy. Some also go through lists of names from the cemetery office and enter them from the list, the later take photographs when they have the time to walk through and grab some and fill in the list for those without headstones.If only family members entered memorials, 90% of the people would not be accounted for, most people don't even know it exists. is the same, though they have a free and pay site if you want to be able to see who is buried in the same area.The idea is to have 100% of all cemeteries entered eventually. It isn't to take away from someone being able to enter their own family member, it is the fact that most people would never do so and this is one way to discover new relatives, or find where they are buried to use as a source to prove their work.Ask the person who controls the page to transfer it to you and then you can do what you want with it.

If you don't want to take control, hit the edit button and you can request information to be added to the page, if they don't follow through, after 30 days it goes to Find A Grave and they will do it.There are a few bad apples in every group, don't blame the rest of us for what one person did. I am sure some do go by records in the paper, especially if the cemetery has been 100% cataloged and they want to stay ahead of new burials to keep the cemetery current.

to Photocrazy #1458795

I believe you missed the part where he literally put it in the DAY the obituary was posted.This is cruel and ridiculous.I appreciate people who do historical graves, but DO NOT STEAL MY GRANDSON!!! No one should enter anything for anyone else for AT LEAST 1 year, the de facto mourning period.

to ElleDee4 #1461027

Sorry, i don’t agree with you on waiting a year to post a memorial. The obit is posted at the funeral home within days of the death and therefore, on the internet and available to use.

It is unfortunate your grandson’s memorial was not immediately transferred to your care.

All the people who enter memorials on are volunteers doing this to “help’ and should not be causing you pain. I am glad you finally got the memorial transferred to you.SincerelyA findagrave volunteer

to ElleDee4 #1469216

I totally agree! There are too many busy bodies on this site.

to Photocrazy #1461626

You don’t have to agree, but it isn’t your family and it is EXTREMELY DISRESPECTFUL to a level of disgusting and deplorable behavior.Then to make me BEG to have it turned over is ridiculous.I am also a volunteer, so don’t use that one with me, seriously, don’t.Is is disgusting. Some countries have a 1 year mandatory mourning period, because death is that painful.We lost EVERY SINGLE FIRST that my grandson was EVER going to have EVER and that jerk STOLE THAT ONE TOO!And yes I am screaming!

This is not okay under any circumstance.Just wait until all you have is to hold a baby that never even took 1 single breath, hold his lifeless body. Other mothers and grandmothers leaving with their breathing babies and you send yours to the framing MORGUE!!!

Then you don’t even get to make his memorial AND the person stole MY COPYRIGHTED photo and obituary.If you can’t see a problem with this, you need soul searching. Leo is ours, NOT Bradley’s!

to ElleDee4 #1461628

Freaking morgue, not framing.

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