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On find a grave they let you sponsor a memorial then they will nit pick you to death about pictures and flowers that others leave . they are very inconsiderate.

the admins on the site are extremely rude and obbnoxious to you, they will not e-mail you back and if they do it is a smart aleck reply. if you voice your opinion on the forums they will ban you unless you are a elite forum member that they accept. the forum members harass your sites with the admin's approval. very disrespectful to their members.

If you do not agree with them they will just delete your account and ban you from their site. You cannot get the founder of the site to ever respond to any complaint you have. for a memorial site this is so ridiculous.

it is run more like a my space than anything else. never saw admins be so rude esp to the memory of ones loved ones.

Product or Service Mentioned: Find A Grave Forum.

Monetary Loss: $5.

Location: Dawsonville, Georgia

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Well I am very new to the site. There is one member I find disturbing.

She is over my grandmother’s memorial off my biological father’s side. After looking at her bizarre & *** profile I wouldn’t want her to have anything to do with any of my family member’s memorials. She has an extremely rude list of rules on her page saying what we can & can’t post on the memorials she creates. Then one of her virtual cemeteries she made is of others people’s children & babies that passed away.

That’s extremely disrespectful I feel to the families that lost their children. I was wondering how I could get her to get ride of the memorial & I just create a new one for my grandmother. I also got lead to here after googling it what sponsoring meant on the site since I see someone has even sponsored the memorial this woman made. I guess it shouldn’t hurt just to make my own memorial later?

It will have more details & actual pictures of my grandmother unlike the one this lady made. I am glad to know ahead of time what goes on now. Good to note not to contact the admins of the page. I honestly didn’t know any of this.

So far that’s the only problem I have come across on the site. Someone I don’t feel comfortable with being over a family member’s memorial.


what they are saying is when administration ignore site rules for hoarders and you call them on breaking/ignoring a rule they ban your account rather than explain why they chose differently to not follow the rule. they call names and pose threats.


Fraud and embezzlement - a collective group of petty thieves with over-inflated egos and obviously no useful lives.

One can only hope that Find A Grave will eventually be SHUT DOWN COMPLETELY and the Hoarders' little empire will fall. Flat.


This is the absolute truth:

"...if you voice your opinion on the forums they will ban you unless you are an elite forum member that they accept. ... If you do not agree with them they will just delete your account and ban you from their site."

While you're reading information on the site, take note of the fact that the founder's favorite gravesite is that of KARL MARX and his favorite movies are the Godfather series.

From a FORMER believer in findagrave.


So far I have had no trouble with Find A Grave, except that the site seems to be unavailable, both yesterday and today: 3/22 and 3/23/2011.

No one has contacted me about "sponsorship money" and perhaps that problem was addressed and corrected since 2008. :)


Well, I have been a member of *** for over 7

years. I am not new to this in any fashion.

When I was a member, I didn't recall those adds on the pages to begin with. So I was used to not seeing them. When a different friend recently started a page, I saw a lot of those adds. I also saw the link to sponsor

the persons page. It said it was *permanent.*

I decided to sponsor the page. IMMEDIATELY I noticed that adds were removed ;-). A letter was sent to my friend and she thanked me for sponsoring her dad.

However, I am now seeing the adds BACK on the page. Not only that, I cannot add more photos - though that is a problem as there is a photo shortage, but there are two that I'd like to add, and I cannot add them - A sponsorship SAYS you can add up to 20 photos.

Can someone please tell me what I am not understanding? Thanks.


How can the first comment be written by all or some of the "Find A Grave members and Admis", on 17-08-2010 22:09

Then to prove how "nice" they are they start out with:


You must be rude or arrogant or just plain nasty."

and then they say the already (by the prior statement) disproven:

"Cause every one at find a grave are good hearted people, and there are lots of compassionate and just plain beautiful people."

They who concocted this title for their identity to post here and then proceeded to aggressively attack some one rather than merely reason with one whose mind might be subject to change, have indicted themselves (if the response was done by committee or himself if done by the ogre Jim Tipton or him- or her- self if done by an employee or one of the most valued voluteers).

The post was a farce that I will treasure forever as an indication of the stupidity of the leader of the site to have countenanced making such an attempt to win an argument the absolute wrong way.

The volunteers are not in on it for the money, but Jim Tipton crassly does make much money (if the man cares to reveal the amount convincingly it will be large this and last year). Each page visited makes a profit for the owner at the marginal rate, each time it is visited. One would have to be a business fool not to recognize that in a growing internet, well-advertused business such as this site.

If only the beast Tipton, evidenced a soul!



You must be rude or arrogant or just plain nasty. Cause every one at find a grave are good hearted people, and there are lots of compassionate and just plain beautiful people, I admit there are few brats but to generalized every body is down right wrong.

There are few people that has clicks just like anywhere else. Best way is to ignore them usually they just go away. Like you... About Jim Tipton, I had to Email him on something like a request to transfer, or just plain nothing important, Guest what I got his reply right away.

He does not even know me at all. Just about all the contributors get in touch with him via his personal site. He always response quick to anyone all the time. Maybe you sent your email to the moon and they find a grave admin.

did not recieve it. Regarding the sponsorship I have sponsor a lot of my family and friends other memorials lets say more than a hundred sponsorship. That I feel needs sponsoring I dont have the problem that you are talking about. Sponsoring is a volunteer act, nobody is forcing you to sponsor any one.

Some contributor dont sponsor a memorial even they are a member for so many years. Maybe the chip on your shoulder is so big it shows on your words and actions. Or plain just grow up . In every place there rules to follow.

On your flowers or token are just to remenber the person or memorial. Maybe you are putting nasty words or anything thats why they kick you out just like others like you putting nasty notes instead of honoring the memorials.


I had 2 of my SPONSORED memorials change to unsponsored after 1 week. I am very angry and I think I'm goin to just delete all my memorials.

I posted on the forums for help but no admins responded. I could try to go further and actually PM an admin but I don't trust the site anymore. Other people posted how that kept happening to them (more than once) and I just don't want to deal with that.

I don't think it's a coincidence or a glitch. Unreal...


it would be great for geneology but why do they say the site is free then when you click on the state you want you get told it will cost you so many dollars for 1-2 years? If it is free let it be free.


In reference to the comment above about 'no rules', there are links on the main page and the main forum page called 'Find A Grave FAQs'.

These are the rule pages... if you didn't read them, that's your fault not the sites'.

As far as sponsorships, the 2 things that sponsorship does is 1) remove ads from the page and 2) allow more photos.

The rules (and the photo upload pages) have a list of what can and cannot be uploaded. Your loss if you didn't follow the rules.

As far as being banned from Find A Grave or the forums, you'd have to be quite rude / nasty / whatever to be banned. They don't just ban someone for a difference of opinion.

I've been with them for over 7 years and what has been stated by the previous 'complaints' most likely isn't the whole truth.

It's Jim's site and he sets the rules... if you aren't going to follow the rules, go somewhere else. No one says you have to stay there.


My spouse and I have been members of F~A~G for almost a decade. We've never, ever, ever had an issue where we were defrauded of our sponsorships.

Never had an interment intentionally deleted, although there have been one or two lost during software conversions and upgrades. What I'm seeing on this site is a lot of whining and crybabying because people didn't bother to read the FAQ and didn't follow the rules. You don't follow the rules, your interments, your negative flowers, and inappropriate behavior on the site will be rewarded with time-outs, deletions, and banning. Don't like it?

Start your own site or go somewhere else. Jim Tipton is a good guy and to accuse him of fraud is outrageous and ***.


if you all only new what the *** you were talkin about


I think its a great site, I've never had a problem. Some people are just a little over sensitive. Get over yourselves.


I cant imagine anyone wanting this kind of information on a website any how. And if admin's dont care about their customers you would not catch me contributing any money to their cause.


nasty nasty site to me. I would tell the forum royalty (?) to kiss off and never return.


I saw no rules posted when I visited the site. Was not impressed at all with the forum. lots of smart alecks seem to control it.


some interesting topics on the forums. however I think I must agree with the above complaint about forum favoritism.

On every post same people keep posting any outsider gets blasted. Not a site I would give money to or return to.

Bad management I think. :cry


browsed through the online cemetery and was impressed with this website, thought it was a nice site for genalogy and remembrance. Went to the forums and backed off, I can smell a "troll" as they say on the forums.

Also saw a few comments from the administrators that I too thought was uncalled for. I think all the site really needs is new admin's.


saw what you meaned. bet the forum junkies would disagree. :grin

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