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I am just sick. I could find a grave so quickly on the old site and I cannot find not even one cemetery or person on the new one. It is the worst thing that was ever done. I had used the old one for so long and I could pull it up quickly on my I Phone if out looking for a cemetery and now, I cannot find anything. I hope the one who done this finds themselves sorry enough to put the old one back on. It says the old site is still there until November, But I cannot find it.

This NEW ONE is TERRIBLE. I will never be able to find anyone again.

PLEASE put the old site back on to stay.

Wilma Hawkins

I liked: I used to love it using the old web site, Old web site, I like the old web site.

I didn't like: New web site.

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Google is your friend


I think it is a set up to make Ancestry more money. Use to be able to find who else is buried in same plot, it is less than useless now...

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