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Find A Grave in Austin, Texas - Pissed

there is a historical grave yard on eastside across from sims norman elemetry people used it for a dog park i see people everyday from 6 to dark some even pull up in cars let dog out wait for dog and go. i think it is disrespectal there are historical graves there i stay austin tx grave site spring dale and 12th across from school
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What does that have to do with the Find A Grave website?

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Find A Grave in Austin, Texas - A feature I used is no long working - why

I used to be able to click on Save To and save to ancestry. I click on Save To and it does nothing. Do you know why? Is my membership expired or something Public Name SUSAN IRISH Find A Grave ID 49443133 Member Since Dec 2017 (1 year · 6 months · 11 days) My email is
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Find A Grave Customer Care
Sgt. Richard Arvine Overton Born May 5, 1906 in Bastrop Co,Texas. Create by- Jay Lance Picture by- Gtrg Raike Cemetery by- Fluttergirl My question is this Memorial should not be posted this man is still living as of today and he is over a hundred and ten years old....
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It is against *** rules to post living people, you need to contact adm. and tell them

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Find A Grave Memorial Review from Austin, Texas

I made a find a grave for my cousin that died almost a year ago & some1 stole it right out from under me! How dare they say some1 else made it & not me! I'm just so pissed!
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Before creating the memorial, did you search for that person to see if a memorial had already been created? If there was a previous memorial, the one you created was a "duplicate" which the site does not allow.

Duplicates are routinely merged. The newer memorial(s) are merged into the first one (as long as that one was made according to the rules).


Not if the first one was a burial unknown. The one in the right cemetery first will stay.


NOT ALL the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sometimes they seem to make the rules as they go!


Some people that make burial unknown will move them after someone adds one to the right cemetery. I have had this happen to me.

I sent them both in and asked if they would check to see the history of the other memorial because when I added mine the other one was not in the cemetery. They did remove the one that was moved. Mine stayed.

I hate all the burial unknown being added and wish the would stop them. It is a grave registration site so if you did not find the grave do not add it.

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