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I was recently doing some research on my deceased father and found a picture of his headstone and his information on this site, After doing more research and looking into it, I realized that the person who posted it and made a "memorial" for my father...
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I joined the website because I was looking for my relatives that passed away. Some of them I didn't know where they were buried before I joined.

Now, I know where most of them are, even my ancestors. It started out as one thing and now I help others find their relatives and ancestors. As for the ads, it's how websites make money. It has nothing to do with your family or staining your family's name.

I also make no money on the memorials I have added or manage. I would turn it down if I was offered. Most of the members are on the website because they love history, including myself. If a person wants a profile I manage because they are related to that said person.

I have no issue handing it over to them. People have done the same for me. That being said, there are a few on the website who don't care for history and have no respect for the goals of the website of helping others and preserving history. It is a numbers game to them and they should be banned immediately!

One idiot you ran into shouldn't sully the websites good nature. Email the admins and tell them that this person has false information and that you want it changed.

There is no reason why it should be deleted because you don't care for preserving history. Stop being selfish.

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