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Hate the new site. Loved the old one . You could sign in and find cementry in less than a minute. Now i can't find what i want. Please go back to the old site. Reviews tell you people don't like the new site
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The new site is awful! Hard to use. Please go back to the old website!

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Houston, Texas
Find A Grave Website
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Bad quality

Pleased. Found grave after 20 years of searching.

For over 20 years I hunted for my great grandmother's grave. I found someone who searched for graves as a hobby and through Findagrave he found my grandmother's grave. There was no death certificate and no one knew where she was buried. Out in West Texas, in a very small cemetery, near a ranch where some of her family lived she was buried in 1906 with just a small concrete marker. There was a picture of this marker on find a grave with only the last name that was almost washed away. I want to thank the person who made those pictures and posted them. The cemetery care- takers did not know that grave was there. The historian for that little community did not know it was there and she had been forgotten and lost all these years. My family has provided a very nice monument for her. I can not understand all the negative comments that have been posted on this site about find a grave and some right nasty ones. Many people would be lost forever if they didn't provide this service for free and after all our ancestors are gone forever and we should be happy that our friends can find those that they didn't know were gone and maybe someday visit those graves that a lot of people forget once they are buried.
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I don't understand a lot of the anger at F.A.G.I have found dozens of family members with ***, and I give more credit to birth and death dates from gravestones than other sources. I visited a family member's grave this morning and I'm sure I walked over many people's graves. I admit I feel funny doing that, but I am respectful.

BTW, when I tried Billions of Graves, my anti-virus gave a warning


Never had a problem with virus warnings on BillionGraves and I use it hundreds of times a day. Had so many virus, malware, crapware, etc.

warnings from FindAGrave flashy ads I installed an ad blocker. Glad BillionGraves does not have flashing ads. Waiting for Ancestry to go 100% Ancestry ads only on FindAGrave.

How long before Diehard gets sued for cyber-bullying? She has no problem being faq police and ignoring those faqs she does not want to follow.


Hey, read the Faqs I do find that interesting that you are mentioning suicide. VERY INTERESTING!




See claudia what did I tell you, The cyber stalking bully Keeps callinmg out my name and just attacked me verbally.... Thankyou for setting another perfect example Read The FAQS :upset


I am sorry you and your family are being bullied and stalked!!! the level of cyber stalking going on with this web site is ALARMING!!!

people pay attention before using this site. It clearly bans the human beings and allows predators to lurk


@Anita: No one sent me here, least of all Jim Tipton. But more importantly, you do not know that Mr.

Tipton is "cool with" cruelty. You show your true colors every time you post such a lie.

If you know someone who is suicidal, please seek medical/psychiatric help for them! Posting on this or any other site is not helping them!


Jackie Wilson Goddard AKA Read the FAQS... Do you know how many of your victims in which you spend so much of your free time stalking and bullying are diagnosed with depression?

You really should try to find that out before you cyberstalk and bully people over virtual memorials. All it will take is for you to terrorize one depressed person to push them over the edge. If your virtual memorials are more important than the human beings you are stalking harassing and bullying I suggest you get some help.... If you do not like using a website with out rules I suggest you find a new website to use.

This one clearly spins you off your rational rocker.


Yes its a good thing you praised the sight claudia because read the faqs is a personal findagrave cyber stalker bully. She is sent here by Jim Tipton.

Had you had any constructive criticism you and your family would have ended up on read the faqs hit list and in bully blogs.

Jim tipton bans people for using chalk on headstones in cemeteries but he is cool with acts of cruelty that increase suicide;which in turns boosts his numbers in his database. I believe that will also contribute to his income as well.


find a grave so called faq's only apply to some members...see dennis deel's copyrighted photos added...see valencia that has no cemetery location for the majority of her memorials also note that she does not allow grave stone photos added; even when they are added per volunteer photo request. THE FACT IS FIND A GRAVE IS STEALING FROM OBITUARIES THAT FAMILY PAYS FOR AND PROFITING FROM GRAVESTONES THAT FAMILY PAYS FOR! FIND A GRAVE PROVIDES NO WORTHY SERVICES BUT PROFITS FROM THE DEATHS OF OTHERS!

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Houston, Texas

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