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you can't just put a name and location in and get a answer. you can not just put in a complain in short without being to how many words you have type.

I think maybe they should let the customer set the rule and regulation for you guy to follow when screwing the site up. These young computer people net to get in the real world for a change instead in outer space. They may know all the programs but to tell a person they are using nickname or the password is wrong.

I can't believe you people aren't very customer friend. So maybe some day you will be old and have troubles with something because people keep changing to suit them and not you.

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Um, what?

to Anonymous #1515418

I like the old site much better. I am hoping that the new changes will stop all the nonsense with people putting up memorials for road-kill.


AND to top it all off these funny-duds even sponsor thier roadkill. What-the -heck?

to DeadSkunkInTheMiddleOfTheRoad #1524266

It's like putting up a fish memorial that your crazy cat dug out of your fish bowl. Ole Charley the tuna just got eaten, and now he has a special memorial for all the insane whacks to come and visit him and leave him flowers everyday, just because my silly cat ate him for dinner.


Customers should set the rules for screwing up the site? Nothing wrong or illogical about that idea.

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