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Their newly designed site looks to be aimed primary at gaining many more advertising impressions in much more prominent spots. The basic stuff that an actual human user would do was not taken into account.

They've spread out the five or six main tasks across multiple pages and multiple tabs. Everything commonly need used to be on the first page, right at the top. There were ads, but they were smaller and less obtrusive.

Please see my side-by-side photo with new site on the left and old on the right. You can see way more immediate information on the old site.

Review about: Find A Grave Website.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Absolutely true! What a mess.

I haven't created a lot of memorials but I HAVE been able to do a LOT of linking of parents, children, grandparents, etc. because of my genealogy research. If this site stays the way it is, there is no way I will spend the time and energy needed to try and track through all the spread-out stuff they have on there. What you could once see at a glance, you now have to click and click and click and TAKE NOTES on in order to keep it straight.

They are obviously more interested in promoting their other sites than in providing a true quality product.

They've turned it into an advertising gimmick and I'm afraid it will soon be of little to no value for anyone. I really don't think very many people are going to be willing to wade through all of that nonsense just to add a name or try to link individuals together.


Could not agree more. If this site stays up i will stop uploading memorials. This new site is the absolute ***!

to Roder51 #1392220

The site is going to stay.

to Roder51 #1398882

Roder51 - yep, I agree with you. Adding memorials and submitting edits has become too tedious.

It was straight forward and easy before. Now, not so. I will stop contributing. Too bad for Find A Grave (and for countless families in search of their loved ones) because I spent a LOT of time connecting memorials and discovering relationships, which in my opinion is the desired result of the entire effort.

What good is a bunch of unidentified graves with no links and no bio info? They are just stones in a grave yard - just as anonymous as they were when the FAG member first photographed it.

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